Wednesday 17 June 2015



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Trudeau defends Liberal vote on Bill C-51 as the �right� move for Canadians
        Teen alleges two-year affair with Senator Don Meredith

Sen. Meredith out of Tory caucus after teen alleges sexual relationship
        Nigel Wright set to testify at Mike Duffy trial in August: source
Liberal candidate deletes domestic abuse joke after Conservatives attack
        Name of Langevin Block under scrutiny for residential school connection
NDP�s broadening appeal should put Tories on edge

NDP Leader Mulcair sows confusion over promised corporate tax hike
        Parliament: Does it get any worse than it just got?
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair makes his case to be Prime Minister
        Electoral reform spells trouble for Stephen Harper�s Conservatives
Trudeau: a Yes to Open Government
        Trudeau 2.0: The Liberals hit the re-set button
Trudeau, Mulcair spar over who is the real anti-Harper
        The Harper Government�s Manual on How to Subvert Your Vote in October � a.k.a. the Fair Elections Act
The return of Justin Trudeau, slayer of cynicism
        Mulcair is now a fiscal conservative and Trudeau, the rip-it-up reformer?

Election season is on as parties shift into full campaign mode
        Can any government be trusted to pass electoral reform without rigging the process in its own favour?
Mulcair�s balance to stay on top

Ontario cabinet minister slams claims of Chinese influence as debunked, false
        Mint chairman Jim Love expensed luxury trips with wife to global conferences
NDP at 12 month high on all tracking measures � Liberals skate towards 12 month low
        Canada�s Liberals Vow to Fix China Trade Ties Damaged by Harper
Baird�s resignation threw Canada House ceremony off track
        ITAC criticizes federal government�s IT contracting, then withdraws report
Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi�s approval rating plunges: poll
        Jian Ghomeshi surrounded by �admirers� during wait for trial: magazine
MacKay says probe involving Ontario cabinet minister Chan is �ongoing�
        No Senate? No problem, says Christy Clark

Use Fur-Trade Model to Fix Canada�s Aboriginal Woes, Louie Says
        �Awkward characterization': Lawson apologizes for �biological wiring� remark
Military sexual misconduct due to �biological wiring,� Gen. Tom Lawson says
        City of Ottawa won�t divulge Parliament Hill shooting report�s recommendations
9 things to know about the 2015 federal election
        The pros and cons of Canada�s first-past-the-post electoral system
�Anonymous� calls massive cyber-attack on feds a protest against C-51
        Tom Mulcair�s �government in waiting� rattles Liberals and Tories
Foreign Affairs broke rules by leaving years of audit reports unpublished
        Obama to appear at fundraiser hosted by Keystone opponent, as decision awaited

Conservatives spend almost $7M defending unconstitutional legislation
        Prime minister condemns top general�s comments on sexual harassment
Public tuning out media�s pious morality lectures
        Audit shows Mike Duffy was unable to live within his means
The loss of Evan Solomon leaves a gap in Canadian journalism
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
�This is offensive and totally false�: Minister Michael Chan slams reports of CSIS investigation in open letter - Ashley Csanady, Ottawa Citizen
        Failings in leadership aren�t biologically hardwired, either - Matt Gurney, National Post
Cyberattack knocks Canadian government websites offline - Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star
        Aboriginal economic board urges federal action to target unemployment - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Rachel Notley lashed back at critics who say the new Alberta NDP government is a job killer - Darcy Henton, National Post
        The making of Michael Chan - Craig Offman, The Globe & Mail
Mulcair gets current corporate tax rate wrong while explaining his promise to raise it - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Tom Mulcair�s �government in waiting� rattles Liberals and Tories - Terry Milewski, CBC News
Trudeau on reforming how Canadians pick MPs - John Geddes, Macleans
        Government document says 2013 budget reduced resources to quickly process claims - Jordan Press, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Some good Liberal ideas, and some half-baked - Editorial, The Globe & Mail
        Trudeau and Mulcair today: Compare and contrast - John Geddes, Macleans
Teacher union demands would cost $3.2 billion, boards say - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        U.S. trade politics hands Harper a free pass - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
The forensic accountant dissects Duffy�s books - Nicholas K�hler, Macleans
        Tom Mulcair takes NDP pitch to Toronto business crowd - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Liberals would peel back provisions of Fair Elections Act - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
        AB corporate tax hikes take effect next month as NDP outlines fiscal plan - James Wood & Don Braid, Calgary Herald
�Barbaric Cultural Practices� bill to criminalize forced marriage, tackle �honour killings� passes final vote - Ashley Csanady, National Post
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Inconduite sexuelle: un s�nateur expuls� du caucus conservateurPlus
        Le Bloc qu�b�cois fait campagne contre �nergie EstPlus
Mort de Nathan Lecours: les armes correctement rang�esPlus
        Thomas Mulcair: les Canadiens pr�ts pour un changementPlus
Proc�s Duffy: Nigel Wright devrait t�moigner en ao�tPlus
        Brossard: 200 000 $ pour d�fendre des conseillers Plus
Fraude: deux faux chauffeurs de taxi arr�t�s � Montr�alPlus
        Ontario: l'identit� des deux Qu�b�cois tu�s d�voil�ePlus
L'homme accus� d'avoir renvers� deux joggeurs est lib�r�Plus
        Stephen Harper condamne les propos du g�n�ral LawsonPlus

Commerces: Qu�bec imposera un descriptif en fran�aisPlus
        Les �vad�s de New York dans Chaudi�re-Appalaches?Plus
Le Stade olympique ne sera pas d�moliPlus
        TransCanada: P�ladeau se range derri�re son partiPlus
�Rambo� Gauthier veut bloquer la route aux �voleurs d'emplois�Plus
        Photos d'une femme battue sur Facebook: le suspect arr�t�Plus
Poursuite polici�re � Qu�bec: le pire est �vit� Plus
        Cinq Hells Angels condamn�s � un jour de prisonPlus
Plainte pour �bats trop bruyants: ils battent leur voisinPlus
        Coupable d'avoir martyris� une fillette avec une cigarettePlus

Le gouvernement palestinien d�missionnePlus
        Les fun�railles de Jean Dor� auront lieu lundiPlus
Drummondville: frappe contre des trafiquants de droguePlus
        La Banque de Gr�ce brandit le risque de sortie de l'euroPlus
Un conflit tourne mal � Montr�alPlus
        G�orgie: un tigre blanc abattu apr�s avoir tu� un hommePlus
Un homme tu� par un �l�phant sur une plage en Tha�landePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Declares Run for President - Alexander Burns, New York Times
        Spinoffs From the Bush and Clinton Shows - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
Exit Stage Right: Why Jeb Bush Should Drop Out - Reihan Salam, Slate
        Can Jeb Bush Make Republicans Believe? - Molly Ball, The Atantic
Why the Trade Deal Is Nearly Dead - Robert Reich, Huffington Post
        Greece�s Tsipras says he rejected new austerity demands, uncertainty keeps markets nervous- Derek Gatopoulos And Geir Moulson, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Kirk Kerkorian, Las Vegas billionaire, dies at 98- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        The Three Best Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me- Joe O'Boyle, Money
Bangladesh upholds death sentence of top Islamist- The Times of India
        Chad suicide attacks: �The authorities let their guard down�- France 24

Nato condemns Putin�s nuclear �sabre-rattling�- BBC News
        Syrian doctors to show the US evidence of Assad�s use of chemical weapons- Alice Ross and Shiv Malik, The Guardian
Erdogan condemns Egypt�s death sentence for Morsi- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama to huddle with pro-trade Democrats at White House on Wednesday
        Canada government websites taken down in cyber attack
Slovenia detains Kosovo ex-premier on Serbia arrest warrant
        Study finds Ebola virus mutated slower than first thought
Spain, US agree to make US force at Spanish base permanent
        US says hard to recruit for Syrian opposition training program
Cyprus leaders ready to tackle thorny core issues: UN
        All Syria chemical weapons effluent destroyed: watchdog
Official: US Iraqi training goal slowed
        Greek talks failure would be 'extremely serious' for Europe: Paris

European leaders to focus on Russia at security summit
        Ukraine creditors baulk at proposed 'haircut' as deal deadline looms
Iran nuke talks impeded by disagreement on all main elements
        Greece, creditors 'must find solutions that do not expand poverty': Austria
EU agrees to extend economic sanctions on Russia to end-Jan: sources
        Bosnian Serbs to seek Russia's veto of UN Srebrenica resolution
French, German, Russian, Ukrainian FMs to meet Tuesday in Paris: France
        Palestinian split widens as unity government quits
Paris Louvre denies Israeli 'discrimination' claims
        Russia not entering arms race with West: Kremlin aide

WHO says MERS outbreak in S.Korea a 'wakeup call'
        Repercussions of synthetic cannabis are worrisome
Far-right, anti-immigrant parties form EU parliament group
        Report says U.N. not equipped to tackle today�s global challenges
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