Thursday 10 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 10, 2015


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Conservatives hire high-profile Australian strategist to reboot campaign

Poll Tracker: Are Liberals heading for 1st place in the polls?
        Mike Duffy met the bar for being able to represent P.E.I., Harper says
Joy Davies out as Liberal candidate for posts about marijuana use
        Conservative candidate shares advice on drunk women, latent homosexuality and �being a man�

Liberal candidate Chris Brown apologizes for offensive booze-fuelled tweets
        Power and Politics for Sept. 10
Conservative candidate, Mark MacDonald: �Being First Nations as a race can be an advantage if it�s played right.�
        Harper could use a few Red Tories
Half-hearted refugee crisis response hampers Harper
        Why Stephen Harper is toast
Why Stephen Harper wants you to know that he�s not perfect
        Vancouver Island�s election petri dish
Tory campaign would be in a better place if it had any life in it
        Trudeau takes it on the chin over small business taxes

Syrian refugee crisis exposes Harper�s ideological choices
        We can bring in 200,000 refugees in the next year. Here�s how.
Voters compassionate about helping refugees

NDP aims to lock down support with spending after early restraint
        Stephen Harper may need a chance to sit, think and plan if he wants to win
Here come the lawn sign wars
        Conservative campaign diary: A day in the life
Whose views was NDP staffer Shawn Dearn tweeting? (Not his, he says)
        Trudeau�s climate change promise is hot air
Under pressure, Harper changes tack on refugee resettlement
        Drowned Syrian boy�s father says he blames Canada for tragedy
Bruce Hyer: Mulcair Willing To �Contradict Himself� In Pursuit Of Power
        Trudeau press conference hijacked by Nardwuar the Human Serviette

NDP candidate criticizes Harper�s last 24/7 video as violating spirit of �caretaker� government convention during election
        Tight race for Canadians� preferred PM: Nanos poll
No, possible future prime minister Tom Mulcair, you can�t just pretend the Senate isn�t there
        Jenni Byrne sent back to Ottawa in Conservative campaign shakeup
May says bombing campaign will not end refugee crisis
        Power and Politics for Sept. 10
Plans coming in near future to help Syrian refugees: Harper
        NDP promises $100 million annual program to help youth employment
Baloney Meter: Did Trudeau unfairly smear small business owners as tax dodgers?
        Tories highlight past efforts on refugees, unable to elaborate on new fast-tracking measures

Conservatives promise $20 million for lobster industry promotion, research
        Nanos nightly tracking: No breakaway movement for any major party
RCMP mulled �soft launch� of murdered and missing Indigenous women report to please Public Safety: emails
        Harper�s 2008 residential school apology was �attempt to kill the story,� says ex-PMO speechwriter
Ontario Conservative leader Brown won�t muzzle sex-ed critic
        David Frum Interview on Refugees
Tories in trouble in the Maritimes?
        Blame game being played out inside lumbering Conservative campaign
As Harper Stumbles, Deficit-Pledging Liberal Surges in Canada
        What to do about the Senate?

Tom Mulcair as PM would end Canada�s fight with ISIS
        Prepare for ad liftoff: Big-spending election campaign set to ramp up air war
Trudeau says wealthiest Canadians using lower tax rate to avoid paying taxes
        Mulcair gets rough ride in Niagara
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ontario First Nations To Hold Inquiry Into Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women - CBC News
        Class action against Hydro One alleges widespread billing problems - Liam Casey, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Lawsuit calls for end to claw-back of Ontario child support - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
        Ontario premier �dismayed� as vandals spray-paint �shame on you� on school walls in apparent sex-ed protest - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, National Post
We can bring in 200,000 refugees in the next year. Here�s how. - Scott Gilmore, Macleans
        Selinger running out of gas - Tom Brodbeck, Winnipeg Sun
B.C. MLAs approve terms for Ombudsperson probe into botched health firings - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        Chiefs threaten courts, barricades without a signed working agreement in B.C. - Dirk Meissner, Vancouver Sun
Bank of Canada keeps benchmark rate at 0.5%- Pete Evans, CBC News
        Scotiabank, GM team up to offer one of the richest reward cards ever � with a catch- Gary Marr, Financial Post

Mulcair Interview with Peter Mansbridge ..Trudeau Interview with Peter Mansbridge ..Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge ..

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Japon: 100 000 personnes �vacu�es apr�s des pluies diluviennes Plus
        Un CPE se retrouvera priv� d'eau d�s novembrePlus
UE: la vague de migrants grossit encorePlus
        Patrick Brazeau plaiderait coupable � des accusations r�duitesPlus
Un homme de 71 ans perd une jambe dans un accidentPlus
        Le Bloc estime que le S�nat est barr�Plus
Crise des r�fugi�s: 10 banques acceptent les dons en argentPlus
        Conduite en �tat d'�bri�t�: un policier d'Ottawa arr�t�Plus
L�galiser la marijuana pour prot�ger les enfantsPlus
        Fournier interrompt un point de presse de DrainvillePlus

PKP place ses actions dans un mandat sans droit de regardPlus
        Stephen Harper � la rescousse des p�cheurs de homardPlus
Le NPD veut propulser les jeunes sur le march� du travailPlus
        Terrorisme: l'ado avait le num�ro de Martin Couture-RouleauPlus
Primaires am�ricaines: Hillary Clinton chute Plus
        Simulation d'une catastrophe au CUSM Plus
Drame de Scott: 14 nouvelles accusationsPlus
        Moscou d�ment un renforcement de sa pr�sence en Syrie Plus
D�lit de fuite mortel � Laval: t�moins recherch�s Plus
        Viol pr�sum� d'une Canadienne: tests d'ADN chez les policiersPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Apple unveils new iPhone models, other revamped products- Bloomberg & Reuters, The Globe & Mail
        Instagram hopes to boost revenue with video ads, other marketing tools- The Associated Press, Toronto Star
Herbalife: The Siege of a $5 Billion Nutrition Giant- Roger Parloff, Fortune
        Hillary Clinton�s Bungled Reboot - David Graham, The Atlantic
Jeb! Disses Brother on Colbert Debut Show - John Fund, National Review
        The Republican Party�s Trump Trouble - Myron Magnet, City Journal
Can the Democratic Party Retain Its Hold on Black Voters? - Theodore Johnson, The Atlantic
        Ben Carson stops playing nice with Donald Trump - Daniel Strauss, Politico
Migrant crisis: Denmark-Germany rail links suspended- BBC News
        Syrian rebels seize government airbase in Idlib- Al Jazeera

Russia complains of �strange hysteria� over its presence in Syria- Shaun Walker and Ian Black , The Guardian
        Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain�s longest-reigning monarch- The Times of India
France�s far-right National Front charged with fraud- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Cameron, Hollande and Merkel urge support for Iran deal
        Syria blames Europe for flow of migrants out of the country
Greek conservative to seek pact with leftists first if he wins election
        US House Republicans pledge to keep up fight on Iran nuclear deal
Israeli nuclear whistleblower under house arrest over interview
        Western states train Kurdish force in Syria, force's leader says
French opinion rapidly swings in favor of refugees, poll shows
        Turkey says will block pro-Kurdish deputies from curfew city
Serbia prosecutors charge 8 in Srebrenica massacre
        Netanyahu seeks UK support against 'militant Islam'

Russia says it ships both arms and aid to Syria by air
        Fate of Northern Ireland's power sharing government hangs in the balance
450,000 refugees arrived in Germany since January: vice chancellor
        Danish police won't stop thousands of Sweden-bound migrants
Biden floats meeting with Israel to discuss US security aid
        UN likely to back raising Palestinian flag
UN council considers EU response to migrant smugglers
        Revolutions: Standards of success and failure
Khamenei: No negotiations with U.S. outside nuke deal
        Netanyahu urges Europe to stop �pressure�

Assad�s foes are facing their own wars
        Europe has not come up with a coherent policy on migration
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