Wednesday 9 September 2015



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Blame game being played out inside lumbering Conservative campaign

Mulcair and Trudeau more likely to be preferred as PM over Harper
        Syrian refugee queries draws catcalls from Conservative supporters
Is this Stephen Harper�s last stand?
        Outgoing MPs can expect financial windfall, even if they plan their exit

Harper is bungling the refugee issue � and it will cost him
        Harper faces business criticism on infrastructure, manufacturing
Mulcair refuses to axe top aide for anti-Catholic tweets; apology �sincere�
        Nanos nightly tracking: Tight race between Liberals and NDP continues
On refugee crisis, PM must heed more than public opinion
        No, Mr. Harper � you can�t fix a refugee crisis by blowing things up
Mr. Harper, this refugee crisis should be your moment
        Harper says he is who he is, take him or leave him. That may not be enough
In Red Tory Ontario, Justin Trudeau appears to have an edge
        Trudeau continues assault on paycheques

Trudeau�s Employment Insurance plan not what it seems
        Trudeau, Mulcair benefit when willing to drop their partisan shield
Long live the Crown in Canada

AFN chief now says he�ll vote in federal election
        Green Party platform promises cash for infrastructure, housing, without deficit
44% of voters support Trudeau�s deficit plan, poll finds
        Harper stays the course on EI after one day after Trudeau announces his plan
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promises financial incentives for automotive sector
        Liberals vow tax breaks for landlords, homeowners as part of social housing plan
Canada�s failure to act on refugee crisis begins with Stephen Harper
        Canadians want more to be done to help refugees, polls suggest
Canadian airstrikes against ISIS down 50 per cent since election started
        Burdened by debt and slipping behind, survey respondents say

Climate change denial is over, Alberta environment minister says
        Tom Mulcair says Stephen Harper �threw in the towel� in bid to reform Senate
Years the Tories spent streamlining immigration system may bite them during refugee crisis
        Government red tape a barrier to Canadians� plans to assist refugees
Canadian military could help bring refugees to Canada, Mulcair says
        Group mobilizing in swing ridings in bid to oust Conservatives
NDP or Liberal government �real possibilities,� says Harper
        NAFTA auto parts makers mount drive to sweeten terms of TPP deal
Canadian workers pessimistic about future; expect to work longer: payroll survey
        Bank of Canada keeps key interest rate target on hold at 0.5 per cent

As election campaign rumbles on, many candidates ensnared in social media gaffes
        Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair campaign in Ont., while May is in Vancouver
Campaign woes, poll numbers rattle Conservative camp
        Trudeau among wealthy Canadians he says benefit from small-business tax deductions
Liberal candidate could break long-time Tory hold in tight Calgary riding
        Liberals would partner with Toronto on Olympics: Justin Trudeau
Only 9 Syrian refugee cases offered on private sponsor list
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Keeping kids home to protest sex-ed �very unfortunate�: Wynne - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        AB Finance Minister Joe Ceci should heed his own advice and park the ideology - Editorial, Calgary Sun
Ontario government denies destroying wind-farm lawsuit documents - Richard Blackwell, The Globe & Mail
        Parents against sex-ed can pull kids from class, Ontario minister says - Allison Jones, Toronto Star
Alberta�s NDP should be very worried after the historic turnout that cemented Wildrose�s win- Brock Harrison, National Post
        Queen�s Park spends $19.4M for new MaRS lab- Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Northern chiefs say BC gov�t treats them as an afterthought - Kim Pemberton, Vancouver Sun
        AB NDP readies big-spending �shock-absorber� budget - Don Braid, Calgary Herald

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Hongrie: future mission militaire � la fronti�rePlus
        Doris Hall� Tremblay: des plongeurs appel�s en renfortPlus
Poignard� apr�s avoir d�couvert sa femme nue avec son p�rePlus
        Propos contre les Autochtones: une conservatrice d�missionnePlus
Mulcair d�voile son plan pour le secteur de l'automobilePlus
        Le Parti vert propose le d�ficit z�ro d�s son premier budgetPlus
L'UE veut se r�partir 160 000 r�fugi�sPlus
        Corps retrouv� au domaine MaizeretsPlus
Mort d'un couple de Colombiens: la conductrice accus�ePlus
        Trudeau promet une strat�gie nationale sur le logementPlus

Le cr�ateur de l'antivirus McAfee candidat � la pr�sidentiellePlus
        Frappe majeure contre des trafiquants d'ecstasy Plus
Caucus du PQ: B�dard rentre dans le rangPlus
        Nouvelles accusations contre Martin BourquePlus
R�fugi�s syriens: Qu�bec invite Ottawa � presser le pasPlus
        Un site internet sur les mesures d'aust�rit� lib�rales Plus
Bangkok: un suspect admet avoir �t� impliqu�Plus
        En roulant, elle quitte sa voiture et provoque un accidentPlus
Arr�t� pour conduite de tondeuse... en �tat d'ivressePlus
        Clinton s'excuse d'avoir utilis� une messagerie priv�ePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump: The Candidate the GOP Deserves - Ben Domenech, The Daily Beast
        Deja Vu in New Hampshire - Dan Balz, Washington Post
Eight Factors That Matter in 2016 Race - Sabato, Kondik & Skelley, Politico
        Republicans See Trump�s Divisive Remarks as Toxic, Damaging - Jonathan Martin, New York Times
Murdoch: Biden Is Likely Nominee - Mark Hensch, The Hill
        Egypt kills 56 militants in first two days of major operation in Sinai- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
UN asks EU to do more for refugees- Al Jazeera
        Guatemala judge orders ex-president Perez to face trial on fraud charges- Reuters, The Times of India
Migrant crisis: Germany�s Merkel says EU quotas are a �first step�- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Leaders from EU, Russia, Ukraine to meet in Paris in Oct: reports
        Russian troops join combat in Syria: sources
UN atomic watchdog seeks to clarify Iran 'ambiguities'
        Poroshenko may renege on self-rule promise if Russia violates truce
Netanyahu missed chances to repair US ties: Rivlin
        Israel outlaws Muslim groups that protest at key holy site
Netanyahu urges Europe to stop pressuring Israel
        Moscow says Russian military experts present in Syria
Khamenei: No negotiations with US beyond nuclear talks
        Israeli home demolitions are cruel and usual punishment
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From: Mahmood Elahi
Subject: The Conservatives are in third place due to strategic voting by dissatisfied Conservative voters
The Editor National Post
Copy to: Mr. Andrew Perez, Member of the board of the Toronto Centre Federal Liberal Association (please forward).
The Conservatives are in third place due to strategic voting by dissatisfied Conservative voters
 Re "Will Canadians vote strategically in this election? Let's hope not," by Andrew Perez, Sept. 9.

In the latest sampling of public opinion by the Forum Reseach among 1384 Canadian voters, more than one third will vote for the NDP (36%) in the coming federal election while just less than a third will vote Liberal (32%). The Conservatives continue to lag, with one quarter of the vote (24%).

If these results are projected to the new 338 seat House of Commons, the NDP would win a minority government of 141 seats. The Liberals would form the Official Opposition with 123 seats, and the Conservatives would be relegated to third party status, with 73 seats.

The poll also shows that one fifth of those who voted Conservative in 2011 will vote for the NDP this time (18%), and one tenth will vote Liberal (11%). One quarter of of past Liberals are voting NDP this time (25%), while one sixth of past New Democrats (15%) will return the favour. Very few past New Democrats or Liberals will vote Conservative (3% to 4%). This puts to rest the theory that there are "blue Liberals" who will vote Conservative to prevent an NDP win.

The strategic voting by disastisfied Conservative voters may play a crucial role in both the NDP and the Liberal success in the coming election.

2240 Iris Street, Ottawa.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: 44% of voters support Trudeau's deficit plan, poll finds, Ben Spurr, Sep 09 2015

Re:  44% of voters support Trudeau's deficit plan, poll finds,  Ben Spurr, Sep 09 2015

The appropriateness of government deficits or surplus depends on what is happening in the real economy. Currently Canada has a large trade deficit which means more money leaves the economy than comes in, and our private corporations are hoarding money rather than investing into a stagnant economy. Consumers are heavily indebted.  So right now deficit spending is required to increase domestic demand that will support business activity and put more people back to work. Currently about 1.3 million Canadians are seeking jobs.

As economist John Kenneth Galbraith put it, "If there is idle capacity and unemployment, the government must spend more that it receives in taxes.........there is no merit at all in a policy that just balances income and outgo, none whatever."

Larry Kazdan


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