Tuesday 22 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 22, 2015

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Hillary Clinton drops bombshell on Keystone XL pipeline: �I oppose it�
        Public service union helped save library's documents from the dumpster

Tories� election pledge runs into Terry Fox turbulence on campaign trail
        Justin Trudeau points finger at �communities� for causing violence against women
Surrey Conservative candidate warns: no safety from ISIS, even in bedroooms
        Dianne Watts distances herself from Conservatives over anti-terror campaign flyer

OPP investigating 3 homicides; suspect arrested in Ottawa
        Awarded Canada�s top honour in 2009, Gretzky has yet to pick it up
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promises to increase funding for the arts and CBC
        Proposed niqab ban could be thin edge of the wedge
Jet plane politics: Is this the moment the Liberals take flight?
        The architect of a Liberal campaign shakeup
Tory campaign director mirrors Stephen Harper�s style
        Harper�s �old stock� faux pas was little more than that
NDP campaign chief has been on front lines of tragedy
        So far, Trudeau is winning the fight to be the anti-Harper

Can Trudeau take Calgary from Harper?
        We need a new paradigm for the discussion of provincial secession
The Leader is Important, But Candidates Matter Too

Election debates too important to be left to amateurs
        The toll we pay for a bunker mentality
The Battle of Britain and the 2015 election
        Atlantic Federal Government Job Losses are Ottawa�s Gain
Why the federal election seems so provincial
        Baloney Meter: Will cancelling F-35 �crater� the Canadian aerospace industry?
Conservatives would strive to create 1.3 million net new jobs by 2020: Harper
        Forecast for economic growth in 2016 gets gloomier
Look at all these company logos popping up behind the leaders on the campaign trail
        Justin Trudeau stakes his claim to prove he�s the true anti-Harper candidate

Bureaucrat to speak for Canada on last day of UN General Assembly opening
        Tory campaign �mistake� angers Terry Fox�s family: �There is no place in the fight against cancer for politics�
Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings during citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass
        Tough questions on Quebec secession put to Mulcair just before French debate
NDP government would freeze EI premiums, improve youth benefits, says Mulcair
        Navy expected to receive fewer ships than promised: source
It�s not racist if you put it in the form of a question, right?
        Trudeau turns sights on Mulcair in attack on F-35s
Will the F35 procurement plan ever lift off?
        Harper�s decision not to attend women�s issues discussion met with boos

3,000 Windsor auto sector jobs under threat with new trade deal � Unifor
        Mulcair cautious about Mother Canada statue
Rachel Notley wants �Alberta off the royalty roller coaster�
        Few ethnic minorities among Syrians sponsored by Canadian government
Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm�s tax �sham� under CRA probe
        Mulcair pressed on feasibility of child-care plan
Opposition parties look to recapture former strongholds in Winnipeg
        �HARPER� message plowed into farmer�s field created by Alberta potato farmer
Harper says funding for Fox foundation was a response to a request from them
        Canada needs outside election observers to ensure fairness, report urges

NDP claims top Trudeau economic adviser at odds with Liberal pension policy
        Conservative candidate Louis Robichaud drops out of federal election race
�No circumstances� in which Trudeau would support Harper as prime minister
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Pacific Rim trade agreement would threaten over 26,000 Canadian jobs, Unifor warns - Greg Keenan & Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        The Liberals: Robbing Peter to pay Paul - Dr. Nadia Alam, Toronto Sun
Kathleen Wynne not taking ramped up elementary teachers� union protests personally - Robert Benzie & Kristin Rushowy , Toronto Star
        Ontario PC leader wants Wynne out of the federal election - Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen
Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance and the �weaponization of public affairs� - David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen
        Hoax �Conservative Legacy Fund� site asks for donations to support Dean Del Mastro, confuses Internet - Alia Dharssi, National Post
Alberta NDP showing lack of leadership says opposition leaders - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
        Wynne says Ontario won�t budge from latest offer to elementary teachers - Selena Ross & Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
Malware-infected iPhone, iPad apps found in Canadian App Store- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        VW Canada halts sales of some vehicles after U.S. emissions scandal- Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail


Il frappe un cougar de ses mains nues pour sauver sa fillePlus
        2000 Syriens au Qu�bec d'ici la fin de l'ann�ePlus
Gouvernement minoritaire: les alliances se pr�cisentPlus
        La rigueur budg�taire affecte les services, admet CouillardPlus
Trois femmes tu�es par balle en Ontario: un suspect arr�t�Plus
        Agression � Saint-Tite: l'accus� reste derri�re les barreauxPlus
Le d�put� lib�ral Robert Dutil d�missionnePlus
        Justin Trudeau � la d�fense de la culture et de l'identit�Plus
Doris Hall�-Tremblay: un corps calcin� pr�s de son autoPlus
        Proc�s Turcotte: la s�lection du jury est termin�ePlus

Le pape entame une visite tr�s attendue aux �tats-UnisPlus
        Stephen Harper esp�re cr�er 1,3 million d'emploisPlus
L'UE s'accorde sur la r�partition de 120 000 r�fugi�sPlus
        Un roux voulait tuer le prince Charles pour couronner HarryPlus
Attaqu�e par un chien: la fillette op�r�e pendant 7 hPlus
        Le Bloc oppos� � l'entente Canada-EuropePlus
Mulcair pr�t � s'attaquer au probl�me de l'emploiPlus
        Gr�ve: des �coles seront ferm�es le 30 septembrePlus
Marine Le Pen sera jug�e pour incitation � la hainePlus
        Son estomac perfor� par un cocktail � l'azote liquidePlus

Afghanistan: �Pas de paix sans d�part des troupes �trang�res�Plus
        Violation de domicile � Mirabel: trois suspects accus�sPlus
Au Burkina, les putschistes refusent la redditionPlus
        Deux Canadiens kidnapp�s aux PhilippinesPlus


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As Profile Rises, Carly Fiorina Aims to Redefine Record as a C.E.O. - Amy Chozick, New York Times
        Jill Biden would be �on board� if Joe Biden decided to run - Julianna Goldman, Steve Chaggaris, Jill Jackson, and Jacqueline Alemany, CBS News
Carson says he does not agree with a Muslim being elected president - Fox News
        Scott Walker Drops Out of GOP Race - Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics
Why Fiorina�s Rise Should Terrify Democrats - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
        The Important Economic Lesson In AMC�s Mad Men- John Tamny, Forbes
Skype users unable to sign in, make calls- Toronto Star
        Investors haven�t been this pessimistic in 30 years. Here�s why that�s a good thing- Bloomberg, Financial Post
Presidents of Colombia of Venezuela reach border deal- Al Jazeera
        Burkina Faso�s army chiefs call on coup leaders to surrender their arms- France 24

Refugees continue to stream into Europe as migrant crisis intensifies- The Times of India
        Abdul Basit: Pakistan set to hang disabled man- M Ilyas Khan, BBC News
Netanyahu meets Putin to discuss concerns over Russian activity in Syria- Peter Beaumont, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<< http://www.dailystar.com

U.S., India agree to jointly train peacekeepers in Africa
        Colombia to give land to farmers who stop growing coca
Experts to assess IRA as man charged with Belfast explosives
        Canadian detained in Colombia for smuggling Cuban migrants
Russian jets in Syria are there to protect own base: Kerry
        Researchers say new dinosaur found in northern Alaska
Russia appears to be building 2 more military bases in Syria
        Palestinian teen shot by Israeli soldiers dies of wounds: family
Merkel urges 'full transparency' from VW in cheating scandal
        US refuses more Polish requests for assistance in CIA case

Ukraine leader expresses wish to join NATO
        No peace until foreign troops leave Afghanistan: Taliban chief
Israel, Russia to coordinate militarily on Syria
        Putin faces growing exodus as Russia�s professionals flee
Take the threat of nuclear terrorism seriously
        Rebels see tougher war with Russians in Syria
Withdrawal from Arctic seed vault due to Syria war
        Catalan independence would imply eurozone exit
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Subject: Fwd: HOW TO END THE REFUGEE FLOOD « Eric Margolis

Dear Prime Minister, Canada gets a mention in this article.  John Duddy.  Calgary Centre.

HOW TO END THE REFUGEE FLOOD http://ericmargolis.com/2015/09/how-to-end-the-refugee-flood/


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