Monday 28 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 28, 2015.


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NDP facing more headwinds as support drops in Quebec
        Mulcair, Harper clash over ISIS mission, refugees at foreign policy debate

Chippy Trudeau recalls Liberal legacies of the past, including his father�s
        Liberal candidate Maria Manna steps down over Facebook posts questioning 9/11
Canadian military ponders integrated force with U.S.
        Liberals maintain narrow lead, Conservatives surge in Ontario: poll
Temporary foreign workers get first dibs under express entry
        Harper performed well in French-language debate: Vote Compass
Expat living in Seattle takes on Harper in Calgary � even though he can�t vote
        Federal party leaders to square off on foreign policy in fourth election debate

Harper says low ratings, not government cuts, behind CBC�s problems
        Ottawa Conservative candidates refuse to participate in Oct. 5 debate
Conservatives, Liberals in tight national race: Nanos poll
        Campaign manager to replace NDP candidate Stefan Jonasson in Winnipeg
GG would invite NDP, Libs to form government if Tories defeated on SFT: Ned Franks
        Mulcair and NDP need a change in strategy
NDP fading in new poll
        Trudeau struggling to win over B.C. voters despite direct TV pitch

It�s time for Canada to stop sleepwalking across the global stage
        Minority Math is Hard on the Liberals
The niqab debate, let�s not forget, is about individual rights
        Montrealers waiting on a wave � and they don�t care if it�s an orange wave or a red one
Canada�s patched-up military: Too few dollars, too many missions
        Liberals offer popular national babysitting plan
Harper�s dollarama foreign policy on trial at Munk Debate

Meet the Economic Team Helping Mulcair Tack to Canada�s Middle
        Poll suggests growing tolerance on key social issues
Liberal Sen. Campbell says he, 30 Senators willing to work with Mulcair if NDP wins race
        DND looks to save money on futuristic warship by stripping parts off older vessels
NDP, Liberals in Quebec try to move the conversation away from the niqab
        Tories to promise funds for Surrey light rail
Federal party leaders to square off on foreign policy in fourth election debate
        Trade, terror and aid to top federal leaders� foreign policy debate
Skip talking points and go deep, foreign policy debate moderator tells leaders
        Mulcair aims to showcase statesman-like competence in foreign policy debate

Leadership, security key messages for Harper in foreign policy debate
        Will Justin Trudeau hold up to scrutiny under intensity of foreign affairs debate
Party leaders embracing in-your-face �selfies� as a new campaign mainstay
        Broadbent Institute raises new questions about CRA auditing of charities
NDP tables climate change plan, Conservatives criticize Trudeau ahead of debate
        NDP question timing of Conservative government decision to revoke citizenship
Leadership the question for Stephen Harper in foreign policy debate
        Nanos poll: NDP slips to 3rd place nationally in wake of French debate
Mulcair�s cap-and-trade snow job
        Why affordable housing should be a federal election issue

Leaked internal report warns of Canada�s declining world influence
        Harper gov�t warned budget �insufficient� to meet security needs at Canadian embassies
In audio recording, Trudeau says Bill C-24 makes citizenship conditional upon �good behaviour�
        Woman, 99, denied citizenship despite living in Canada since 1933
Trade is voters� top foreign-policy concern, poll suggests
        Lobby firms seeking New Democrats in preparation for next Parliament, sources say
Tory budget surplus came at cost to public safety
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How to understand that controversial study of Quebec daycare - Stephen Gordon, Macleans
        Canada�s auto sector �nervous� about TPP talks - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
Ontario aims to cash in on Toronto property-assessment rebates - Adrian Morrow & Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario Libs promoted Pan Am in Ontario � not U.S. - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
Quebec gets it right when it comes to culture - Ian Robinson, Calgary Sun
        Civil society and human rights organizations call on Canada to lead Syrian no-fly zone - Terry Glavin, Ottawa Citizen
Supreme Court backs denial of Ontario Power Generation rate hike bid- Barbara Shecter, Financial Post

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Nouveau pacte fiscal: une r�volution, dit LabeaumePlus
        Meurtriers �vad�s: la complice condamn�ePlus
Obama et Poutine s'affrontent sur la Syrie � l'ONUPlus
        Une ch�vre se fait �arr�ter� par la GRCPlus
Viol pr�sum� d'une Canadienne: un policier fran�ais confront�Plus
        Un homme meurt dans un accident de travail � BouchervillePlus
L'ultime d�bat de la campagne �lectorale vendredi � TVAPlus
        Proc�s Turcotte: Isabelle Gaston t�moignePlus
La c�r�monie de citoyennet� avant le vote � visage d�couvertPlus
        Qu�bec va analyser l'utilit� � long terme d'�nergie EstPlus

Premi�re ann�e: les promesses les plus co�teuses aux lib�rauxPlus
        Donald Trump veut baisser les imp�ts, sauf pour les tr�s richesPlus
Un fonds pour contrer la �d�sinformation� des �cologistesPlus
        Un violent incendie �clate � Sainte-Agathe-des-MontsPlus
Accident mortel � Acton Vale en Mont�r�giePlus
        Catalogne: les ind�pendantistes d�termin�sPlus
Le NPD chute dans les intentions de vote au Qu�becPlus
        Cinq enfants poignard�s � mort par un malade mental Plus
Super-typhon: d�luge attendu lundi soir � Ta�wanPlus
        J�rusalem: affrontements sur l'esplanade des Mosqu�esPlus
Laurentides: �cole, synagogue et garderie ill�gales?Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
House GOP Needs An Entire New Slate of Leaders - Ace of Spades
        Can Biden Defeat Hillary? - Jay Cost, The Weekly Standard
Bill Clinton Blames GOP, Media for Email Uproar - Daniel Marans, Huffington Post
        Clinton and Fiorina, A Study in Contrasts - Ann McFeatters, Seattle Times
The Media Fears A Bernie Sanders Presidency - Paul Rosenberg, Salon
        Vatican, Inc.: Business of the Catholic Church- Ahiza Garcia, CNN Money
IBM�s Watson Moves on to Silicon Valley- Therese Poletti, MarketWatch
        U.S. regulator promises tougher car emissions tests- Dana Flavelle, Toronto Star
If China Is Collapsing, Nobody Told Nike- Steve Schaefer, Forbes
        France launches first airstrikes against Isis in Syria- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian

Taliban fighters raid Kunduz in Afghanistan- Al Jazeera
        Catalonia polls open with separatists tipped to win- France 24
Syria conflict tops agenda for world leaders at UN- BBC News
        Taking greater role, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledges $2 billion to poor- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama says countries pledge 30,000 troops, police for U.N.
        World leaders at UN lay out sharply different views on Syria
Putin proposes UNSC resolution on fight against ISIS
        Rouhani says Iran ready to help bring democracy to Syria, Yemen
Obama, Putin clash over working with Assad
        'Enormous mistake' not to cooperate with the Syrian army: Putin
Pope says those who hid sex abuse by priests 'are guilty'
        Iraq defends intelligence sharing with Russia, Syria, Iran
Beijing says Clinton 'biased' on Chinese women's issues
        Gene test finds which breast cancer patients can skip chemo

World leaders to address global issues at UN summit
        AP Interview: Ukrainian president pins hopes on UN talks
Clashes at Jerusalem holy site as Jewish holiday starts
        Putin�s Syria gambit puts U.S. on back foot at U.N.
German fever increasingly gripping war-weary Syrians in Damascus
        A reluctant, aging Europe would gain from accepting more refugees
China vows billions of development dollars
        Relentless capital outflows hit developing world
Seven reasons Volkswagen is worse than Enron
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Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper face off over Bill C-24 which allows a dual national to be stripped of citizenship if convicted of offences related to spying, treason or terrorism.
Screening candidates
Two strategists discuss the process of screening candidates to run in an election

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