Saturday 26 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 26, 2015.


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Quebec dairy farmers panicked over Trans-Pacific deal

Liberals plan for surplus by end of first term scrutinized by opponents
        Liberals target tax breaks, tax evaders as part of plan to balance books
Trudeau dismisses Suzuki�s climate views a �sanctimonious crap� and Suzuki calls Trudeau a �twerp�
        Let courts rule on rights of Muslim women, accept decision, Chretien urges

12 per cent of small business owners use their companies as tax shelters: poll
        Deadlocked in Manitoba
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair prepares for a minority government
        Kathleen Wynne�s support for Justin Trudeau may now be a liability
All the debates en fran�ais et anglais, SVP
        NDP protecting its Toronto turf, one block at a time
Will Liberal wave in New Brunswick sink Conservatives?
        The bad, the worse, and the ugliest of this gaffe-plagued campaign
Mid-campaign reality check: what�s working, what needs to be tweaked or tossed
        Two women who could forge a Liberal-NDP deal

Jihadists under your bed and the politics of fear in Surrey
        Justin Trudeau plans to avoid unveiling of his economic platform cost
Trudeau dismisses Suzuki�s climate views a �sanctimonious crap� and Suzuki calls Trudeau a �twerp�

How Saudi Arabia, and a $15B armoured vehicle deal, became an election issue
        Niqab debate recalls RCMP turban furor of the �90s
Why Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau are fighting over water exports
        Harper�s world: The past and future of Canada�s foreign policy
Niqab and the NDP: The small issue with huge implications
        NDP, Conservatives battling for swing voters in fickle Quebec City
Ex-CAQ candidate to run for Quebec Liberals in Montreal by-election
        TransPacific Partnership trade negotiations resume in Atlanta
Physician-assisted suicide advocate ends her life
        Galipeau had dispute with tax agency, called community group Liberals �infected� in draft candidate application

Anonymous leaks another high-level federal document as part of vendetta against government
        Liberal candidate says Facebook posts questioning 9/11 were her �truth� at the time
Trans-Pacific Partnership could include big dairy concession
        Harper promises ban on federal tax hikes, touts latest surplus numbers
Harper defends Canada�s military vehicle contract with Saudi Arabia
        �Enough crazy to go around� says founder of site exposing candidates� gaffes
The Conservatives hold 13 seats in Atlantic Canada. They�re in danger of losing 10
        Liberal leader promises to remove visa requirement for Mexican citizens
Liberals and NDP battle for public service vote ahead of federal election
        Quebec Tory candidate Pascale Dery: women �absolutely not� under-represented in party

Liberals looking for gains in Ottawa, NDP in northern Ontario
        Black ops: How the Liberals just happened to have some dirt on Tom Mulcair
Former budget watchdog Kevin Page bites back in new book
        Stefan Jonasson: �I really wish that my party would have stood with me�
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Volkswagen could help put the doubt back in doubters - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Christy Clark promises millions to jumpstart rural communities - Laura Kane, The Canadian Press, Vancouver Province
Christy Clark defends children�s minister after teen�s death - Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun
        Horwath wants to discuss Sudbury byelection charges with Wynne - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Oh look, Alison Redford is back! - Brock Harrison, National Post
        Trans-Pacific Partnership could include big dairy concession - Janyce McGregor, CBC News
Former budget watchdog Kevin Page bites back in new book - Toronto Star
        U.S.-China climate change agreement places pressure on Canada to get in line - Charles Mandel, National Observer
Wildrose criticizes Notley�s plan to spend on infrastructure �without really thinking� - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        NAFTA �a disaster� and I�ll renegotiate, says Donald Trump- CBC News

Canadian bank raided in massive German tax probe- The Associated Press, Toronto Star

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Speaker Boehner Stepping Down From Congress in October - James Arkin, Real Clear Politics
        Dems Wake Up to How Bad a Liar Hillary Is - John Fund, National Review
Next Speaker Will Face Same Conservative Unrest - Carl Hulse, New York Times
        A Muslim President? Was Ben Carson Right? - Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics
Fiorina Builds Off Successful Republican Debate Performance - Nick Corasaniti, New York Times
        Pope Francis demands UN respect rights of environment over �thirst for power�- Suzanne Goldenberg and Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian
US to release UK resident Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo- Al Jazeera
        Fifa: Sepp Blatter faces criminal investigation- BBC News
Finland demonstrators attack refugees with stones and fireworks- Reuters, The Times of India
        Iran says Saudi Arabia to blame for hajj stampede- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Toll in Saudi hajj stampede rises to 769 killed, 934 hurt
        Poland says to summon Russian envoy over World War Two remarks
EU, Iran discuss push for peace in Syria
        Iran vows to take Saudi rulers to court over hajj disaster
Poles angry after Russia blames them for starting WWII
        $100B could ensure radiotherapy for all: study
Don't let Muslim migrants in, says Bulgaria's Orthodox Church
        Russia builds up Syria airbase as US policy suffers setback
UN says migrants' rights inquiry thwarted by Australia
        China says to improve terror intelligence cooperation with US

Chinese, Iranian leaders to speak at UN summit
        UN summit approves 15-year blueprint to eradicate poverty
US admits its trained Syrian rebels gave equipment to Nusra
        Syria crisis: US-trained rebels give equipment to al-Qaeda affiliate
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The UN Development Goals Miss the Point � It�s All About Power
        VW Case Shows Need For More And Bigger Government
Igniting the Communal Fire: What the SDGs Could Learn from Indigenous Peoples
        China Cap-and-Trade Program Not What the Climate Needs
Let Us Again Be Inspired to Ban Nuclear Weapons
        Murder, Mayhem and Rape in Afghanistan: Made in the U.S.A.
Million-Liter Cyanide Spill in Argentina Highlights Canadian Mining Crimes
        With Putin and Obama Set To Meet, Can Dent Be Made in Syrian Suffering?
Record Cold 'Blob' in North Atlantic: Sign of Future Climate Woes?
        Will Saudi Arabia Stop UN From Investigating Its War Atrocities in Yemen?
'Operation Endless War': US Could Leave 10,000 Troops in Afghanistan After 2016

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Mulcair meets Montreal mayor, repeats call for door-to-door mail

No mail delivery in winter?

Maybe not in Florida but necessary in Canada for oldies and handicapped - but we don't count I guess.


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