Saturday 19 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 19, 2015


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A new Forum poll finds Liberals leading in GTA, Toronto

Government eases rules on Syrian refugee claims
        A conversation with Meagan Murdoch, communications staffer with Conservative Party headquarters
Pollsters fear dubious NDP poll on Trudeau hurts credibility of their industry
        NDP candidate backs off proposal to reopen Constitution for Senate, niqab

Winnipeg Centre: Pat Martin, Robert-Falcon Ouellette Make Riding Key NDP-Liberal Battle 
        Kevin Page Refuses To Back Down From NDP Fiscal Critique
NDP favoured to make gains in Saskatchewan, Liberals in Manitoba
        This BC riding is consumed by pipeline politics
The real meaning of Thursday�s federal leaders� debate
        Change ultimately a wild card in how Trudeau�s election hand is played
The bell at the brawl needed a mute button
        Federal leaders debates, campaign tours outliving their usefulness
Sure you can vote despite Harper�s devious election meddling?
        Tom Mulcair�s cautious foray into the health-care maze

Team Trudeau�s nerds are nervous
        Evan Solomon on where party leaders will focus after #GlobeDebate
Why give a toehold to oppression?

Riding profiles: Will B.C. be the deciding factor?
        Filling in the blanks: What do the polls say about women voters?
Week 7 of the federal election campaign: What we learned
        Vote Compass: Harper, Trudeau seen as winners in economy debate
Naomi Klein has a message for Tom Mulcair: Keep the oilsands in the ground
        Mi�kmaq elder calls Harper�s �old stock Canadians� offensive and racist
Bloc Qu�b�cois targets NDP over niqabs, pipelines in controversial new ad
        Green candidate applauds NDP prescription-drug plan
B.C. MP�s travel from Prince George to Ottawa to distant home cost taxpayers a bundle
        Chretien, Casey exchange compliments at Liberal rally

Organizers of a Saturday-morning Calgary-area rally want Notley NDP to do more to save Alberta�s struggling oil and gas industry
        Stephen Harper explains controversial �old-stock Canadians� comment
Intentional or a slip, �Old-stock Canadians� is always a message to the Others
        Harper on defensive on campaign trail over �old stock� comment, niqab case
Someone At Canada�s Defence Department Vandalized A Wikipedia Page About Syrian Refugees
        Trudeau confident despite poll suggesting trouble in Papineau
The #GlobeDebate raises questions of identity politics
        Stephen Harper�s �old-stock Canadians�: Politics of division or simple slip?
Jason Kenney steps in for embattled cabinet colleagues as �minister of everything�
        Dated budget numbers put political promises in peril
NDP making many promises, but slow delivery could be a hard sell
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
New Hydro One boss�s pay packet a shock to some - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        The F-35 is now unaffordable thanks to the low Canadian dollar - Michael Byers, National Post
Ontario grocers can pay 1% penalty to exceed beer sales cap - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Ontario elementary teachers threaten one-day strikes in October - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
Vanishing Canada: Why we�re all losers in Ottawa�s war on data - Anne Kingston, Macleans
        Free HPV for girls but not all boys more evidence that straight males are second-tier citizens in Canada - Barbara Kay, National Post
Wynne and her union doozies - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        B.C. NDP MLA apologizes, retracts comments about government deputy minister after being sued for defamation - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
Proposed UAW deal with Fiat Chrysler to boost pay- The Associated Press, CBC News
        Volkswagen cheated on emission standards, U.S. agency says- Jeff Plungis, Bloomberg, Toronto Star

First Nations seeks title claim on Petronas�s LNG site location- Yadullah Hussain, Financial Post
        U.S. Steel Canada threatens to leave Canada if court rejects request- Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail

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Un jeune pilote gri�vement bless� par l'h�lice d'un avionPlus
        Un rat dans un incubateur pour b�b� pr�matur�Plus
�.-U.: un suspect inculp� apr�s une s�rie de tirs Plus
        Terres en Ontario: le f�d�ral donne 90 M $ � des autochtonesPlus
La GRC s'invite � une f�te universitaire en SaskatchewanPlus
        Un accus� et un t�moin incarc�r�s dans la m�me cellulePlus
Un homme assomm� par un coup de pied � Saint-TitePlus
        Un homme poignard� dans Verdun: un individu arr�t�Plus
Des milliers de migrants avancent, malgr� les obstaclesPlus
        Le pape � Cuba pour consacrer l'ouverture de l'�le castriste Plus

R�fugi�s: nouvelles mesures pour acc�l�rer le processus d'accueilPlus
        Sensibilisation: une fillette s'�trangle avec sa ceinturePlus
Marathon de Montr�al: plusieurs fermetures de ruesPlus
        Christine St-Pierre �impressionn�e� par les BelgesPlus
Montr�al: un homme poignarde une femme en pleine ruePlus
        Trump ne se sent pas oblig� de d�fendre ObamaPlus
Toronto: 350 policiers ont subi des mesures disciplinairesPlus
        Harper et Mulcair r�pondent � CouillardPlus
�lections en Gr�ce: Tsipras s'affiche confiantPlus
        Coup d'�tat au Burkina: m�diation africaine � OuagadougouPlus

�crasement d'un petit avion: le pilote meurtPlus
        Un homme est abattu dans Rivi�re-des-PrairiesPlus
Tensions � J�rusalem: sept Palestiniens arr�t�sPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Amid Clinton Struggles, Dem Donors Urge Biden to Enter Race - James Oliphant, Reuters
        Republican Campaign Is Just Getting Serious - David Axelrod, CNN
Can Fiorina Seize the Moment? - Niall Stanage, The Hill
        The Media�s Stupid Trump Obsession - Rich Lowry, Real Clear Politics
President Obama�s Intel Scandal - Stephen Hayes, The Weekly Standard
        Pope Francis Misses The Sizable Moral Dimensions To Capitalism- Donald J. Boudreaux, Investor's Business Daily
Another drowned toddler washes up on Turkish beach: Report- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
        Migrant crisis: Neighbours squabble after Croatia U-turn- BBC News
Deposed interim president under house arrest in Burkina Faso- France 24
        Japan passes law allowing troops to fight abroad- Al Jazeera
Palestinians clash with Israeli forces in Jerusalem- The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

German interior minister calls for limits on migrants to EU
        Not my job to defend Obama: Trump
Putin gives go-ahead to Belarus airbase plan
        Thousands head for Munich's Oktoberfest
Kerry: Assad has to go, but doesn't have to be on 'day one'
        South Korea readies for reunions amid north's rocket threats
750 migrants rescued from boats off Libyan coast: MSF
        Japanese foreign minister to discuss disputed isles in Moscow
Israeli war jets strike Gaza after rocket fire
        China urges six-party talks over N. Korea nuclear program

Palestinians clash with Israel forces on day of rage
        Russia sends jets to Syria, resumes U.S. talks
Russia�s Syria gambit
        Top global central banks fret stimulus efforts are falling short
Russia and Iran won�t restrain Assad
        U.S. preparing shift in Syria approach
Swastika look-alike, hammer and sickle loom over Greek polls
        Greek rivals neck-and-neck on eve of polls, race too close to call
Scottish leader won�t rule out second independence vote
        Toronto festival pulls London Fields over legal dispute

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