Wednesday 2 September 2015



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

With string of poll leads, NDP projected to win most seats

Anti-Tory comments disappear from Harper�s sponsored Instagram posts
        No receipts? No problem: Taxpayers reimbursing parties for election expenses anyway
Liberals vow to scrap balanced-budget law to clear way for stimulus
        Trudeau�s new escalator-themed ad raises eyebrows online

Rick Mercer talks with Evan Solomon on Everything is Political
        Former PBO Kevin Page backs the Liberal stimulus spending plan in principle, says trust is the ballot question
AFN chief won�t vote in election, despite encouraging aboriginals to do so
        Technical recession or not, Canadians were already anxious about the economy
Recession shows Stephen Harper�s orthodox economic policies haven�t worked
We Sometimes Need to Have Messy Conversations During Elections
What can a teeny-weeny recession do to an election campaign? Plenty.
Harper�s aversion to government intervention in the economy is both political and personal
On October 19 stand up for Canada
Too much fast talk in this era of slow growth
Understanding recession without saying the R-word

Mulcair promises $28 million for Sport Canada to fund youth sports
AFN urges aboriginals to vote, national chief doesn�t vote himself
Will British Columbia decide the election�s outcome?
NDP, Liberals tied for lead on Montreal Island: poll
Five things to know about Canada�s economic growth numbers
Which leader has answered the most questions (so far)?
Federal lawyers maintain PM made no decision to not fill Senate vacancies
Mining projects in north would get extra boost from Conservatives
Trudeau to invest heavily in green infrastructure to try to stimulate economy
NDP candidate Taman appeals to overturn prosecutor election ban
Federal riding changes could sow voter confusion
Despite need, aboriginal issues not getting much attention in election campaign
Angry Tory is an� Uber X driver?!
New Liberal Ad Features Trudeau On An Escalator
Pamela Wallin case prompts more unwelcome questions for Stephen Harper
Mulcair vows to be �champion for manufacturing and innovation� in B.C.
NDP hopeful in conservative Saskatchewan
NDP dragging its feet on accountability, Wildrose says
Harper visits northern Ontario, B.C., Mulcair also in B.C., Trudeau in Quebec
Putin responsible for Ukraine violence caused by anti-Putin forces, Nicholson says
Power and Politics Sept. 01
The annotated Mike Duffy: How do his explosive pre-trial claims stack up against the evidence so far?
Conservative stock photo fun: Today�s edition, Colombian salt miners
�Vote Green,� urges NDP riding boss in Muskoka-Parry Sound
Justin Trudeau weighs in on Paul Martin�s decision to slash provincial transfers
Two dozen secret cabinet decisions hidden from Parliament, Canadians
NDP, Liberals say Harper �failed� to address Syrian refugee crisis
Harper, Trudeau clash on budgets, deficits, following StatsCan recession report
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The party ends. Alberta NDP gets stuck with the bill - Don Braid, National Post
        Elementary teachers resume talks with Ontario government - CBC News
A shoe-leather newsman, and our own Deep Throat - Lawrence Martin, The Globe & Mail
        Queen�s Park emphasizes Ontario not in recession - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Hydro One makes a pension deal with its white-collar workers - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Foothills byelection a crucial test of the NDP�s hold on Calgary - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
B.C.�s two-tier system of rent control needs to change - Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun
        The annotated Mike Duffy: How do his explosive pre-trial claims stack up against the evidence so far? - Kady O'Malley, Ottawa Citizen,
Safety minister vows to end �arbitrary� police checks as Ontario wraps up consultation on new rules - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        ConocoPhillips laying off 500 employees and contractors in Canada- Reuters, The Globe & Mail

Gold screams summer stock correction not over- Michael A. Gayed, MarketWatch
        Recession confirmed as Canada�s GDP shrank in 2nd quarter- Pete Evans, CBC News
More than half of Canadians have less than $10K set aside for emergencies: BMO- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star


Saint-Lambert: pas de nouveaux lieux de cultePlus
        B�b� enlev� � Trois-Rivi�res: Val�rie Poulin-Collins lib�r�ePlus
Gr�ve �tudiante: chute des admissions � l'UQAMPlus
        PLC: la candidature de M�lanie Joly confirm�ePlus
Gilles Duceppe serait en difficult� dans sa circonscriptionPlus
        Photo d'un enfant mort noy�: l'Europe sous le chocPlus
Collision � Val-d'Or: une jeune femme bless�e gravementPlus
        Harper, Mulcair et Trudeau s'attaquent sur l'�quilibre budg�tairePlus
Bo�tes postales: un citoyen intente un recours collectifPlus
        Legault r�clame plus de pouvoirs d'OttawaPlus

Un homme se blesse gravement en motocross � L�visPlus
        �crasement d'h�licopt�re au nord de Sept-�les Plus
Mort d'un Noir � Baltimore: des policiers comparaissentPlus
        Thomas Mulcair promet d'investir 28 M $ dans le sportPlus
Nucl�aire iranien: vers une victoire d'Obama au Congr�s am�ricainPlus
        Huit morts dans l'incendie d'un immeuble � ParisPlus
Corps retrouv�s � Lachute: un double homicidePlus
        �lections f�d�rales: Montr�al d�voile ses demandesPlus
�Je me suis tir� dans le pied� - Guy JulienPlus
        Harper annonce des mesures pour le secteur minierPlus

Pi�ton happ� sur l'autoroute 15: un d�lit de fuite Plus
        Infrastructures vertes: Trudeau investirait 20 G $ en dix ansPlus
Travailleur coinc� une heure dans une chargeuse accident�ePlus
        B�tonni�re: des ex-premiers ministres se m�lent du d�batPlus
Attentat de Bangkok: mandat d'arr�t contre un Turc Plus
        N�od�mocrates et lib�raux � �galit� � Montr�alPlus
Au moins 50 soldats tu�s dans une attaque en Somalie Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hillary Clinton vs. Ashley Madison - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal
        Trump, Taxes and the Republican Party - Ross Douthat, New York Times
150 More Clinton Emails Contain Classified Material in New Release - Julian Hattem, The Hill
        �Hillary 2016 Never Made Sense for Dems - Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
The Volatile Nature of Populism - George Packer, The New Yorker
        Police disperse protesters occupying Beirut ministry- Al Jazeera
Iranian Guard chief says US �still the Great Satan�- The Times of India
        Pope Francis tells priests to pardon women who have abortions- Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian
Thai police arrest second bomb suspect- France 24
        Migrants stranded as Hungary bars them from rail station- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

White House: No threat detected from China navy ships in Bering Sea
        Syria refugee crisis in focus on Canada campaign trail
Russia holds up start of UN Syria chemical weapons probe
        US trains in Black Sea with Ukraine's depleted navy
Poll suggests Greek conservatives overtake radical left
        White House wins enough Senate support for Iran deal
Netanyahu threatens to shoot young Palestinian stone-throwers
        Adapt or die: Arctic animals cope with climate change
Midlife obesity may spur risk for earlier Alzheimer�s: study
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�The current climate of instability in Ukraine is a direct result of the Putin-backed insurgency in East Ukraine,
its incessant propaganda, and the Kremlin�s aspiration to bring Kyiv under its repression.�
stated in an email BY Stephen Lecce, a spokesman for the Conservative campaign.

A 180* divergent panel discussion


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