Wednesday 16 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 16, 2015


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Provincial NDP returns fire after repeated Harper attacks

NDP would raise corporate taxes to pay for election promises
        Leaders prepare in private before crucial debate
Tories yank �24 hour surveillance� stickers on signs in Harper�s Calgary riding
        Reality Check: Is Stephen Harper an economist?

Chris Austin, Liberal candidate, pulled for views �irreconcilable� with party values
        Platforms strengths & weaknesses entering the second half of Election 42
NDP predicts four surpluses; health care, foreign aid details pending
        The best that can be said of the NDP fiscal plan is that it�s so modest, the damage would be limited
Why the Syrian refugee crisis has eluded our leaders� grasp
        Let�s reclaim our status as a leading spacefaring nation
A moment of economic reckoning for Teflon Tom Mulcair
        Reflections on the refugee tipping point
Trudeau gets his number crunching wrong
        Spare us the lectures on national unity, Liberals

Is politics broken? We might share the blame
        Tom Mulcair�s cautious foray into the health-care maze
As federal leaders invade Calgary, Harper takes on Notley again

Voters need positive reasons to vote Tory
        Independent Sen. Elaine McCoy repays $10,298 flagged by auditor general
OECD lowers estimate for Canadian growth this year despite better U.S. outlook
        Trudeau, Mulcair jockey for Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi�s attention
Deficits? No big deal, say international business groups
        Mulcair�s no-deficit plan has met some resistance in NDP ranks
The decisions behind the scenes of the Liberals� infrastructure plan
        Behind the scenes at a Stephen Harper event in Burnaby
Canada�s ISIS fight modest, despite Harper�s �apocalyptic� language
        Trudeau promises flood-prevention infrastructure and Calgary transit funding

Liberals and NDP poised for gains in Atlantic Canada
        Harper government power players named during Bruce Carson�s RCMP interrogation
Nanos poll: Three-way contest for major parties continues
        Facebook �likes�: Are the Conservatives buying them?
PS union backs down from urging members to use �volunteer� time for protest
        Political song �Harperman� going coast to coast on Thursday
Use PS expertise to help Syrian refugees, ex-bureaucrats urge in letter
        Prime Minister Stephen Harper tells Calgary crowd a NDP win would be a disaster for the country
Wynne vows to work with whoever is PM
        Rick Mercer joins St. F.X. students for Get out the Vote event

24 Sussex: The place where no one knows its name � and fewer still can pronounce it
        Main party leaders limit appearances Wednesday as they prep for economy debate
Tax expert says Canada needs to change corporate tax system to prod investm
        NDP Pledges to Raise Canada�s Corporate Tax Rate to 17% in 2016
NDP promises 4 years of balanced budgets in fiscal plan
        Liberals, Conservatives tied in Calgary Confederation, poll shows
Federal government to take controversy over face coverings to Supreme Court
        Could free trade become an election issue?
Conservatives rush to resolve TPP auto-parts impasse before election
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Ottawa to take effort to ban niqab at citizenship ceremonies to Supreme Court - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Decision reserved in influence peddling trial of Bruce Carson, former Harper aide - Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen
Niqab OK at citizenship ceremonies: Federal Court - Toronto Star
        Ex-pipeline activist declares love for oilsands in new role as NDP official in Calgary - Don Braid, National Post
Liberals asked to defend Hydro One sale they once opposed - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Bruce Carson overreached in attempt to help girlfriend�s firm, trial told - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Governments like lapdogs, not watchdogs - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        If you thought August 24 was the worst day for Canadian stocks, think again- Bloomberg, Financial Post
WestJet launches London flights from 6 Canadian cities- CBC News
        Fred DeLuca, billionaire co-founder of Subway chain, dies at 67- David Henry, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
BlackBerry plans for premium Android device may miss market- Shane Dingman, The Globe & Mail

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Qu�bec: un homme accus� de leurre informatiquePlus
        Proc�s Turcotte: des candidats jur�s angoiss�sPlus
Thomas Mulcair d�voile ses choix budg�tairesPlus
        Br�l�e par un po�le � fondue, elle veut sensibiliserPlus
Fin de la version papier de La Presse en semainePlus
        Taxis: tenues de ville obligatoires pour tout le mondePlus
Pont Champlain: l'identit� du travailleur r�v�l�e Plus
        Affrontements entre police et migrants � la fronti�re hongroisePlus
Niqab: Ottawa portera la cause en appel Plus
        Meurtres d'une fillette et de son p�re: la m�re boulevers�ePlus

L'ado montr�alais �tait le public cible de la propagande de l'EIPlus
        Le Bloc Qu�b�cois pr�sente son plan d'infrastructuresPlus
Fusillade en Virginie: elle a fait la morte pour survivrePlus
        Niqab: la CAQ demande � Ottawa de l�gif�rerPlus
Une astrologue et un gourou se bagarrent � la t�l�visionPlus
        Commissions scolaires: pas de fusions, tranche Blais Plus
Crise des ordures au Liban: Beyrouth encercl�e de d�chetsPlus
        Sortie de route mortelle en Mont�r�giePlus
Bient�t des frappes fran�aises contre l'EI en SyriePlus
        Explosion du nombre de plaintes pour cruaut� animalePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
BRIC Failure Reveals Folly of Snazzy Acronyms- Matthew Lynn, The Telegraph
        Sanders� Rise Is More Impressive than Trump�s - Ezra Klein, Vox
Clinton�s Email Server Has Become a Massive Political Problem - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
        What Hillary Can Learn From Corbyn - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
The Biden Formation Story - David Brooks, New York Times
        Clinton�s Big Obstacle Is Herself - Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics
Putin pledges to continue Russian military assistance for Syrian regime- France 24
        North Korea says it has restarted all its nuclear bomb fuel plants- Justin McCurry, The Guardian
Mugabe delivers wrong speech in Zimbabwe parliament- Al Jazeera
        Rouhani�s nuclear dividend to feature in Iranian elections- Reuters, The Times of India
Migrant crisis: Hungary�s closed border leaves many stranded- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Refugees see last chance for Europe before winter closes route from Turkey
        Obama to take tough but tempered line with China's Xi
Ukraine expands list of sanctions against Russia
        Syrian refugees seek new passports as a ticket to Europe
Canada government to press for ban on veil at citizenship ceremonies
        Kerry says Russia proposed U.S.-Russia military talks on Syria
Cuba confirms Castro attendance at UN General Assembly
        Ukraine campaigns to strip Russia of UN veto power
Geneva police nab 'most wanted bank robber in Canada'
        General: Only handful of Syrian fighters remain in battle

Russia has no plans for now to build air force base in Syria: report
        Europol tracking 30,000 suspected people smugglers
Germany cuts rail link carrying migrants from Austria
        Kremlin denies Russia proposed 'elegant exit' for Assad
Netanyahu to Russia next week for talks on Syria: Israeli official
        Japanese protest as security bills close to becoming law
Assad says only Syrian people can decide if he quits
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Tap for the latest from Maclean's on the 2015 campaign

Conservatives made deal to quiet dissent on C-51, gun group says

The president of the National Firearms Association says the Conservative government offered to make changes to its gun licensing bill if the NFA held its fire on the controversial bill C-51, then reneged on the agreement.

Sheldon Clare, who is running as an independent candidate in British Columbia�s Cariboo-Prince George riding, posted the details of the alleged arrangement to quell dissent about C-51 on his Facebook page Monday. Clare said the NFA�s opposition to C-51, which became law in June, was well known, and that there were �great legal minds� already arguing for changes. But the organization also decided to cancel its committee appearance to discuss C-51 because the government offered to make changes to C-42, another bill that worried the NFA.

Related: Changes to gun licensing system set to pass before Commons recess

A lawyer for the NFA had been scheduled to appear before the House public safety committee last March, along with Open Media, another opponent of the bill. C-51 gave sweeping police powers to Canada�s intelligence agencies and offers no corresponding increase in oversight, raising the ire of privacy advocates.

At the time, no one from the NFA�including Clare�would say why the group cancelled, . . .  But Clare is now going public about the backroom deal.


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