Tuesday 15 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 15, 2015


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Jenni Byrne�s brother-in-law broke ethics rule by joining lobby firm

Conservative candidate Blair Dale dropped after offensive online remarks surface
        Court dismisses federal appeal over niqab at citizenship ceremonies
Manifesto backed by prominent NDPers calls for overhaul of capitalist economy
        Harper hits new low with negatives at 50 per cent

Conservative �bro�-candidate wants to tell you some things about sex
        Despite Criticism on Handling of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Tories Lead on Issue
Voters in Canada�s largest province go cold on the Conservatives
        Hillier�s right about refugees � and should lead Canada�s effort
The Tories may have been down, but they�re not out
        How Harper got his surplus � and why it may not matter
Stephen Harper is done
        Is it time to forgive and forget in politics?
Federal Liberals and NDP are no saints when it comes to refugees
        Better to dump a party leader too quickly than be stuck with one for an eternity

Gilles Duceppe is out-hawking Stephen Harper on ISIS
        Symbolism of the surplus matters more than economic consequences
Surplus during recession seems like bad economic planning

Harper hoping �surprise� surplus will convince voters the Tories are on right economic track
        Mulcair and Trudeau agree to participate in Munk foreign affairs debate
The Wreck Of HMS Erebus: How A Landmark Discovery Triggered A Fight For Canada�s History
        Conservatives commit to tax relief for single and widowed seniors
Harper holds to prediction of budget surplus for current fiscal year
        Mulcair under fire for calling Toronto �Canada�s most important city�
Tom Mulcair promises $100-million mental health fund for children and youth
        Information commissioner taking PMO to court over withholding Senate documents
Conservative letter targets B.C.�s business community
        Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau talks skilled trades in close Ontario riding

Vote Compass: Liberal, NDP supporters most open to accepting more refugees
        Trudeau, Mulcair reviewing participation in leaders� debate on foreign policy
Gap narrows between NDP and Liberals in Atlantic Canada
        Ferry operators, including B.C. Ferries, urge Ottawa to drop tariff on foreign-built boats
When a war room fails a leader: Trudeau, truthiness and the economy
        Timing of refugee crisis is �heartbreaking� : Campbell
Bruce Campbell Norway and Canada: Economic and fiscal management of petroleum wealth
        Liberals appoint Barbara Finlay as acting ombudsman, replacing Andre Marin
Wynne withholding details on Hydro One sale to spare Trudeau�s Liberals, MPPs charge
        No invitation? No problem. Green leader May plans to digitally debate opponents

Major leaders hit B.C., Alberta and Ontario ahead of Thursday�s economy debate
        Federal departments left $8.7 billion unspent last year
Harper campaign capitalizes on surprise surplus, mocks Trudeau on economy
        Stephen Harper Will Soon Earn his Four-Millionth Dollar As A Federal Politician
Labour movements are essential to economic growth: Trudeau
        Brazeau eyes return to Senate after charges dropped in plea deal
Brazeau pleads guilty to assault, cocaine charges
        Crown accused of sitting on evidence that would clear decorated Afghan vet
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Senator Patrick Brazeau pleads guilty to assault, cocaine charges - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Canadian Forces to launch independent centre to address sexual misconduct - David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen
Some provinces sink �further and further in the hole� as Ottawa rebounds - Michael Babad, The Globe & Mail
        Better to dump a party leader too quickly than be stuck with one for an eternity - Andrew Coyne, Ottawa Citizen
How Patrick Brown can reposition Ontario PCs - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        Rom�o Dallaire says Canada could take 90,000 Syrian refugees - Jennifer Chevalier, CBC News
Ontario Elementary teachers� union won�t escalate work to rule � for now - Kristin Rushowy & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        One year after Prentice sworn in, Alberta Tories hold post-mortem on defeat - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
Bruce Carson pleads not guilty as influence peddling trial begins - Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Carson�s lawyer asks judge to ban broadcast of his RCMP interview on influence peddling charges - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times

�We�re not going to pay people who are not sick�: Harper says sick leave changes will strengthen public service - Mark Kennedy, National Post
        Federal departments left $8.7 billion unspent last year - Lee Berthiaume, Ottawa Citizen
Ombud hiring process �shambolic�: Marin - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Take it or leave it: Ontario premier says it�s up to elementary teachers to accept contract offer - The Canadian Press, National Post
Information Commissioner Taking PMO To Court Over Withholding Senate Documents - The Canadian Press, Huffington Post
        Big city mayors still working toward consensus on Syrian refugee crisis - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
Toronto will not bid to host the 2024 Olympics, Mayor John Tory set to announce - Richard Warnica, National Post
        Tolls considered for Gardiner, Don Valley Parkway - David Rider, Toronto Star
Ex-VP Riadh Ben A�ssa claims SNC-Lavalin approved of bribes and gifts to Gadhafi son- John Nicol & Dave Seglins, CBC News
        Google�s self-driving car push spurs tech hiring spree at auto makers- Edward Taylor, The Globe & Mail
Auto union targets Fiat Chrysler in labour talks- Toronto Start

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Refus d'interdire le niqab: Ottawa doit r�agir dit DuceppePlus
        Stup�fiants: frappe polici�re � LongueuilPlus
La b�tonni�re remet les vid�os de surveillancePlus
        Bolduc a contrevenu au Code de d�ontologiePlus
Pont Champlain: un travailleur chute dans le fleuvePlus
        Alerte Amber en Alberta: un suspect arr�t�Plus
Fraude: l'ex-maire de Saint-Constant blanchiPlus
        Au moins huit morts dans des inondations dans l'UtahPlus
L'ex-maire de Boisbriand coupable de corruption Plus
        Discours haineux: Montr�al cr�e une nouvelle unit� polici�rePlus

Les migrants bloqu�s � la fronti�re serbo-hongroisePlus
        Avalanche dans les Alpes fran�aises: sept mortsPlus
Proc�s Turcotte: la s�lection des jur�s suit son coursPlus
        Mulcair pr�sente le troisi�me volet de sa strat�gie en sant�Plus
Une coalition s'invite dans la campagnePlus
        Voies de fait simples: Brazeau plaide coupablePlus
Le Bloc souhaite abolir la TPS sur les livresPlus
        Vins qu�b�cois: Paradis se d�fend d'�tre en conflit d'int�r�tsPlus
Tobby Carrier: la poursuite ne veut pas d'un nouveau proc�sPlus
        Le PLC promet 750 M $ pour la formation professionnelle Plus

Les recherches pour retrouver Doris Hall� Tremblay reprennentPlus
        Feux de for�t en Californie: il filme sa fuite du brasierPlus
�-U: Le professeur accus� de meurtres retrouv� mortPlus
        Montr�al: un pi�ton happ� sur l'autoroute 40Plus
La Cor�e du Nord pourrait fabriquer du plutoniumPlus


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The Republican Party at War - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Biden to court Black Caucus - Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico
Jeb Bush vows to come out swinging in next U.S. Republican debate - Steve Holland, Reuters
        Trump: The Art of the Bluff - John Fund, National Review
Why Are Women Ditching Clinton? - Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beas
        Refugee crisis: EU governments set to back new internment measures- Ian Traynor, The Guardian
Australian PM Abbott to step down amid party revolt- France 24
        Egyptian security forces kill 12 in tourist convoy- Al Jazeera
Mullah Omar died of natural causes inside Afghanistan, his son says- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
        Migrant crisis: Unity eludes EU on relocation- BBC News
Fears grow that a U.S. Fed rate hike this week could unleash a global debt crisis- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, Financial Post
        Walt Disney: Visionary Who Was Crazy Like a Mouse- Neal Gabler, New York Times

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Putin open to meeting Obama at UN headquarters
        Obama: migrant crisis has worsened, requires cooperation
Palestinians expect 'hundreds of leaders' at UN flag-raising
        Kerry seeks Syria answers in new call with Russian FM
US urges North Korea to avoid 'irresponsible provocations' over nuclear program
        Cuba's Raul Castro to address UN global gathering this month
White House condemns Jerusalem violence
        Assad says political solution possible only after terror defeated
Romania criticizes Hungarian plan to extend border fence
        Malawi teacher charged with trying to sell albino girl for $10,000

Pope Francis meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba 'probable': Vatican
        Britain says new Northern Ireland body should monitor paramilitaries
EU court toughens stance on 'welfare tourism'
        Sierra Leone quarantines 700 after new Ebola death
Putin pledges to keep up military support for Assad
        Iran says wants China's help to resolve Middle East tensions
Germany urges penalties for EU states rejecting refugees
        N.Korea says it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants
Trump: US 'a dumping ground for the rest of the world'
        Senate to hold one more vote on Iran nuclear deal

A more sophisticated U.S. Mideast policy must be discussed
        Refugees, come to Denmark. Here�s why
An aging population is a good problem to have
        Merkel�s refugee U-turn: Blunder or pressure tactic?
Border-free Europe unravels as refugee crisis hits record day
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