Sunday 13 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 13, 2015


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Harper says public servants should not fear Conservative election victory

Long-delayed trial of Bruce Carson on influence peddling charge begins Monday
        Rick Hillier says military can help bring in 50,000 refugees by Christmas
Defence minister calls on Gulf countries to accept more Syrian refugees
        Trudeau enlists Chretien�s support to attack Mulcair on unity question

Mulcair dismisses premiers� concerns about key election promises
        NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announces $1.8 billion health-care plan for seniors
Nanos poll: Major parties gripped in 3-way tie
Chretien enters the ring
        Stephen Harper seeks shelter from a bad week
Trudeau economically clueless
        Renewal of Hamilton�s steel sector within grasp
Don�t blame Harper for all of Chris Alexander�s failings
        Some hard truths no one wants to hear on refugees

Half of voters see �pee-gate,� Tory candidate controversies as sign of deeper problems: poll
        Reviving the census debate
Chretien with Trudeau in Hamilton, Harper in Ontario and B.C., Mulcair in Vancouver
        Chr�tien blasts NDP for its stance on Quebec referendums
NDP slams Trudeau on small business tax cheats but promises similar fix
        Undecided voters giving Trudeau a look
�Liberals in a hurry�? That�s Trudeau, not Mulcair�s NDP
        Daughter provides key support for Elizabeth May on campaign trail
Where the leaders are for Sept. 13
        Canada promises more humanitarian aid for victims of conflict in Syria
Conservatives rule out airlifts of Syrian refugees to Canada
        Conservatives attack NDP candidate for �soft on crime� record as a judge
Coalition government could be possible, but party leaders are divided
        Nanos poll: Close election horse race continues
Conservative Candidate Alain Rayes� Father Oversees Voting In Son�s Riding
        Trial of former adviser Bruce Carson threatens to dog Harper
Liberals, NDP to vie for voters planning to vote strategically
        History shows airlift could move migrants to Canada quickly
Tories set to revamp Syrian refugee response in wake of criticism, Jason Kenney says
        Ontario will spend $10M to bring Syrian refugees to province
Changing of the guard in Ottawa could speed up cannabis industry growth: experts
        NDP, Liberals demand Ottawa speed up inflow of Syrian refugees
Political parties look closer at candidates� social media histories after recent gaffes
        Mulcair draws crowds on campaign trail as Liberal support creeps up
On the campaign trail, everyone�s singing the middle-class blues
        Former CPC nomination contestants under $1,000 �gag order�
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Wynne the ideologue - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
        Pick an ombudsman, Ontario - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Ontario Conservatives need new narrative - Anthony Furey, Edmonton Sun
        Petronas audit no cause for concern, BC Minister Rich Coleman says - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
I challenge B.C.�s premier to watch this grizzly bear video - Gary Mason, The Globe & Mail

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R�fugi�s: l'Allemagne r�introduit des contr�les frontaliersPlus
        Les forces �gyptiennes tuent par erreur des touristesPlus
Bureaux � l'�tranger: Qu�bec abolit de nombreux postesPlus
        Accidents � Qu�bec: circulation au ralenti sur les autoroutesPlus
Deux-Montagnes: un homme de 62 ans manque � l'appelPlus
        Incendie � Longueuil: des locataires se retrouvent � la ruePlus
Californie: des milliers de personnes fuient les incendiesPlus
        Un �l�ve de 13 ans accus� d'agression pour un baiserPlus
Mulcair compare Chr�tien et Martin aux Classels et parle sant�Plus
        Trudeau attaqu� pour ses propos sur les PMEPlus

Doris Hall� Tremblay: les policiers � la rencontre des gensPlus
        R�fugi�s: 2,5 M $ amass�s depuis la mort d'Aylan KurdiPlus
Un homme sauve un pitbull qui en retour attaque sa fillePlus
        Harper r�plique aux attaques de Chr�tienPlus
Inondations au Japon: sept morts Plus
        Guy Turcotte subira son proc�s � compter de lundiPlus
Gr�ce: 34 migrants dont 15 enfants se noientPlus
        Explosion meurtri�re en Inde: un suspect recherch�Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Davis Rally Showed Huckabee�s Hidden Strength - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Rick Perry Meets His Alamo - Gail Collins, New York Times
The Real Joe Biden - John Dickerson, Slate
        Democrat Bob Kerrey Blasts Clinton Over Email Server End-Run - Fox News
The Democratic Party�s Distress - Charlie Cook, National Journal
        Putin welcomes Ukraine ceasefire- Reuters, The Times of India
U.K. Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn elected with huge mandate- Rowena Mason, The Guardian
        Migrant crisis: Rallies in Europe as 9,000 arrive in Munich- BBC News
Egypt�s cabinet resigns amid corruption probe- France 24
        Tunisians protest against corruption amnesty law- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Taking in Syria refugees heightens risk of terrorism: US lawmaker
        German police mobilise 'hundreds' for border controls
UNHCR warns EU not to fragment border rules, Monday meet critical
        German decision to reinstate border controls 'necessary': Hungary's Orban
Czechs boost controls on Austrian border over migrants: minister
        Slovak interior minister says will veto quotas at EU meeting
Refugees can no longer pick EU host state: German minister
        China unveils details of state-firm reform as growth sputters
German minister urges change in EU's policy towards Syria
        Russians vote in local elections, opposition mostly shut out

Lavrov: Moscow to continue military supplies to Syria
        Jordan condemns Israel 'assault' on Al-Aqsa mosque compound
Iran says US must honor nuclear deal once under way
        Scottish nationalists to set out 'triggers' for new independence vote: Sunday Herald
Greece's Syriza, rivals neck-and-neck in poll run up: surveys
        Beijing says HK top leader is above legislature, judiciary
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