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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Refugee health-care flyers draw fire to Conservatives

All-leader meeting needed to reach consensus on migrant crisis: Trudeau
        Labour unions across Canada preparing to launch major anti-Harper offensive
Greg Selinger, Manitoba premier, asks feds to double refugee sponsorship cap
        A gun registry? No. Yes. No. Martin Patriquin on the Tom Mulcair�s flip-flops

Fin Donnelly Bemoans �Political Attacks� After Syrian Refugees� Deaths
        Forget the election polls. Who�s winning on social media?
Nenshi lashes out at Chris Alexander on refugee crisis
        The cost of mindless, heartless message control
Overrated: Accusations of Harper media manipulation
        Long campaign a rope-a-dope strategy for Harper
Sometimes elections are on issues out of the control of politicians
        NDP�s Fin Donnelly needs to own up to his mistake
The end of strategic voting

Conservatives seek not to overheat in warm up to election campaign
        NDP and Liberals call for Canada to accept more Syrian refugees
Justin Trudeau �Just not ready� ad was effective: Poll
        Why Stephen Harper is mum on coalitions
Refugee crisis coverage, rivals� criticism frustrates Conservative campaign
        Canada less welcoming to refugees under Harper�s leadership
Stephen Harper facing countrywide pressure to take immediate action to admit more Syrian refugees
        Historic Canadian resettlement of Vietnamese sets precedent for action
Canada election 2015: What we learned in week 5
        NDP pounces on Conservative candidate�s �dismissive attitude� on murdered, missing Indigenous women

Poll Tracker: NDP�s front-runner status at risk
        Alberta office releases political staffer contracts
Canada returns seized Phoenician artifact to Lebanon
        Queen surpasses Victoria for length of time on throne, but similarities endure
Syria crisis: US concern over Russia �military build-up�
        Gilles Duceppe launches attack on NDP, Conservatives in Quebec
Party leaders agree to skip Jays games after Toronto losses when they attended
        Mohammed Fahmy�s Al-Jazeera work made him a Muslim Brotherhood member by default, court ruling says
Secret OICs sign of a �sick� PMO: Dion
        Anti-terrorism branch of public safety ministry dysfunctional prior to terror attacks, top secret probe finds
New NDP Ad Says Thomas Mulcair Is �Ready,� Shares Leader�s Family History
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ontario sex-ed consultation a joke, docs reveal - Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun
        Quebec�s Bill 59 attacks free speech - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Patrick Brown�s win margin raises questions about Liberal tactics - Jane Taber, The Globe & Mail
        Alberta NDP�s Brian Mason says Calgary-Foothills loss is no big deal - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
Provinces call for federal government to take in more refugees - Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
        Rio Tinto to suspend operations at Quebec titanium mine- CBC News
Fighting Big Textbook: How students are trying to save money as prices keep going up- Claire Brownell, Financial Post
        Apple hopes to regain stride with iPad, Apple TV updates- Michael Lewis, Toronto Star
This Labor Day, Workers Take Power Back- Harold Meyerson, Investor's Business Daily
        Jobs growth points to economic resurgence in third quarter- Seres Lu, The Globe & Mail

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Naufrage en Colombie-Britannique: trois p�cheurs perdent la viePlus
        Leader parlementaire du PQ: Drainville prend du galonPlus
Un nombre record de migrants affluent en AllemagnePlus
        Un pipeline de TransCanada explose pr�s d'Emerson au ManitobaPlus
Un Qu�b�cois contre le groupe �tat islamiquePlus
        Les conservateurs pr�ts � bonifier le financement priv� des mus�esPlus
Plusieurs organisations tenteront d'influencer la campagnePlus
        Un faux policier a tent� d'arr�ter une gamine � WinnipegPlus
Elle fuit avec une autopatrouille pour sauver son mariPlus
        Long cong� de la f�te du Travail: deux morts sur la routePlus

Accident mortel dans Limoilou: une c�r�monie en hommage aux victimesPlus
        Le Bloc aff�tera ses strat�gies lundiPlus
Mexique : �pas de preuve� de l'incin�ration des 43 �tudiantsPlus
        Les affiches de Coal, le candidat f�lin, apparaissent � OttawaPlus
Qu�bec: deux accidents cr�ent de la congestion sur la routePlus
        Restes humains d'un enfant retrouv�s � ChicagoPlus
Une vague de chaleur frappe le sud du Qu�becPlus
        Y�men: la coalition intensifie ses frappes a�riennesPlus
D�lit de fuite � Qu�bec: une conductrice arr�t�ePlus
        Mort du jeune Alan: �j'ai pens� � mon propre fils�Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton Says She Didn�t �Stop and Think� About Email Setup - The Associated Press, New York Times
        Hillary Antoinette - Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard
Is Bush Really Ready to Take On Trump? - Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics
        Jeb Bush Campaign Prepares for First New Hampshire Ad Buy - Ashley Killough, CNN
Clinton�s Proxies Begin to Intensify Attacks Against Bernie Sanders - Annie Karni, Politico
        47 dead as rebels battle IS in north Syria: monitor- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
UAE forces bomb Yemen rebels after coalition troop deaths- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
        Thousands of exhausted migrants reach Austria, Germany- France 24
Moroccan ruling party holds key cities in local polls- Al Jazeera
        Fukushima disaster: Japan reopens radiation-hit Naraha- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Thousands of Swedes rally in support of refugees
        Israel starts building border fence on frontier with Jordan
Pope calls on every European parish to host one refugee family
        Europe migrant crisis 'manageable': UN refugee agency
Tens of thousands rally in Moldova against $1B bank fraud
        UK to use foreign aid money to pay for housing Syrian refugees
Netanyahu rejects call to take in Syrian refugees
        Israel's Christian schools striking over slashing of funding
G-20 members launch new grouping to empower women
        Merkel to hold crisis talks as migrants stream into Germany

New poll shows UK would vote to leave EU
        Netanyahu to scrap ban on Israeli journalists airing views
Tsipras plays down fears of fractured result in Greek election
        China says missing Panchen Lama is 'living a normal life'
Afghan government accused of inaction on mining safeguards
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