Thursday 17 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 17, 2015


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WATCH LIVE NOW! The Globe and Mail Leaders� Debate 2015

Trudeau in trouble in Papineau riding: poll
        Blaney met with police lobbyists during campaign
NDP finance spokescandidate is past Liberal donor
        EKOS poll: Clear as mud as horserace heads down the back stretch

NDP out in front as Conservatives trail in third: Environics poll
        Swearing, jabbing and support from the dead, all in one election race
Confusing vote rules for expats �ridiculous;� Elections Canada denies blame
        Trudeau vs. Mulcair: The great race of 2015
The Conservatives� veiled pitch for the anti-Muslim vote
        Thomas Mulcair�s fiscal plans a bit on the light side
A moment of economic reckoning for Teflon Tom Mulcair
        Liberals� rise means more at stake for Trudeau in economy debate
The things no party leader will say in Thursday�s debate
        A pre-debate economic fact check

The best that can be said of the NDP fiscal plan is that it�s so modest, the damage would be limited
        Conservatives� refugee crisis response far from fatal for Harper
How the Harper government is manipulating the refugee crisis

Leaders, here�s a model for First Nations prosperity
        Nanos poll: Majority say �time for change�; Conservatives most trusted on economy
NDP�s Pat Martin seen saying �son of a bitch� at Winnipeg forum
        Conservatives made deal to quiet dissent on C-51, gun group says
NDP Would Close Small Business Tax Loopholes, Just Like The Liberals
        Experts expect to see combative Harper �go negative� in economic debate
Trudeau on defensive over economic plan heading into crucial leader�s debate
        Strong support for accepting more Syrian refugees: Nanos poll
Social media�s hazards include phony likes and opportunistic malware
        Provincial NDP returns fire after repeated Harper attacks

NDP would raise corporate taxes to pay for election promises
        NDP Fiscal Plan: 4 Key Points About Mulcair�s Framework
OPP probe of Sudbury byelection controversy stalled
        Chief Mark Saunders� appearance at Bill Blair event prompts OIPRD complaint
Cereal fun: Ontario man creates election-themed cereal boxes before federal vote
        Jean Chretien headed for Amherst for Bill Casey campaign rally
Jason Kenney�s midnight munchies turn into feel-good encounter with pizza guy
        Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi�s Visit To Canada Cost Taxpayers $373,000
Tories yank �24 hour surveillance� stickers on signs in Harper�s Calgary riding
        Leaders prepare in private before crucial debate

Reality Check: Is Stephen Harper an economist?
        Three main party leaders hunker down to prepare for tonight�s economic debate
Chris Austin, Liberal candidate, pulled for views �irreconcilable� with party values
        Spin Cycle: Is the NDP�s proposed corporate tax hike a �job killer�?
Conservatives take narrow lead, new poll shows
        New Democrats deliver pre-emptive strike against Liberals before economy debate
Sask auditor says Thomson�s balanced budgets were really deficits
        Jobs and growth to be focus of second leaders� debate tonight in Calgary
Voters in favour of Liberals� economic plan, but unsure on Trudeau: poll
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ontario�s French-language teachers sign tentative deal - Louise Brown, Toronto Star
        OPP probe of Sudbury byelection controversy stalled - Rob Ferguson, Richard J. Brennan & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Pan Am Games bonuses under fire from Ontario opposition parties - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        Canada looking at retired public servants for Syrian refugee help - Lee Berthiaume & Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
Ontario Liberals breathtakingly hypocritical - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Conservatives made deal to quiet dissent on C-51, gun group says - Laura Payton, Macleans
Nursing-home bedsore cases �simply not acceptable,� Ontario minister says - Moira Welsh, Toronto Star
        Alberta Finance Minister slams Harper for �misleading� comments - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
Australia shows us what parliamentary democracy looks like - The Globe & Mail
        Montreal�s La Presse will end printed weekday edition next year- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Canadians� mortgage debt ramping up fast as cheap money fuels leap in luxury home prices- Garry Marr, Financial Post
        OECD slashes Canada�s outlook despite resurgent manufacturing- David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail

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Guest Column: You Will Not Recognize Canada When I Am Through With It � Stephen Harper

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Sans permis et en �tat d'�bri�t�, il a tu� un enfant de 7 ansPlus
        La Croatie ferme une partie de ses fronti�res face � l'afflux de migrantsPlus
Un homme atteint par balle � LaSallePlus
Des c�r�ales Harper, Trudeau ou Mulcair?Plus
Qu�bec: Un travailleur �lectrocut� dans le parc ColbertPlus
Son v�hicule s'encastre dans un b�timentPlus
La CAQ demande le d�part de deux �parasites lib�raux�Plus
�Nuit de cauchemar� au Chili: le s�isme a fait onze mortsPlus
Lebel compare les agissements du NPD au scandale des commanditesPlus
Financement: Khadir questionne la l�gitimit� du gouvernementPlus
150 $ pour parler avec le ministre Blais, d�nonce le PQPlus
Elle avait plus de 3500 couteaux dans sa maison mobilePlus
Proc�s terrorisme: l'adolescent pr�t � tout pour joindre l'EIPlus
Agression sexuelle: 27e proc�s pour R�jean PhilibertPlus
Homme recherch� � Toronto arr�t� � Montr�al Plus
Qu�bec veut r�duire ses �missions de GES de 37,5 % Plus
Accus� du meurtre d'une polici�re en Nouvelle-�cossePlus
Elle coupe le doigt de la ma�tresse de son mari avec les dents Plus
Le Bloc veut un v�ritable r�gime d'assurance-emploiPlus
Justin Trudeau d�j� dans le rouge selon le NPDPlus
Le chauffard Yves Martin restera en prisonPlus
Coup d'�tat militaire au Burkina FasoPlus
Soudan du Sud: au moins 85 morts dans une explosionPlus
Cycliste heurt� par une camionnette � Montr�al Plus
40 ans de prison pour avoir tu� son fils trisomique Plus
Collision � Montr�al: une pi�tonne dans un �tat critiquePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
As Shutdown Threat Looms, WH Looks to Take Budget Fight to GOP - David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times
        Voters Are Rejecting the Last Seven Years - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Republican Candidates in a Darwinian Race - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
        Hillary Clinton �Is Stuck In A Poll-Deflating Feedback Loop� - Nate Silver, Five Hundred and Thirty Eight
Bush Would Revisit Voodoo Economics - Ruth Marcus, Real Clear Politics
        Migrant crisis: Clashes at Hungary-Serbia border- BBC News
Syria�s Assad blames West for refugee crisis- Reuters, The Times of India
        Soldiers detain Burkina Faso interim leaders- Al Jazeera
Yemen�s exiled government returns to Aden- France 24
        British jihadis in Bangladesh fanning flames of extremism, says Dhaka- Simon Tisdall and Anna Ridout, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Cuba has first ambassador to U.S. in half a century
        Syria would request Russian troops if needed but no combat troops now - minister
US open to talks with Russia on Syria
        Arab push to pressure Israel thwarted at UN nuclear watchdog
Moscow urges US to engage Syria, offers military talks
        Last bid to kill Iran nuclear deal blocked in US Senate
IMF to work post-vote with 'whatever' Greek government
        Youths in military uniform march through Warsaw on Soviet invasion anniversary
UN envoy says Gaza reconstruction speeding up
        EU summons leaders for refugee crisis summit next Wednesday

Hungary slams 'bizarre' criticism over border clashes
        Crimea human rights 'deteriorated radically' since Russia seizure: OSCE
Syrian army starts using new weapons from Russia: military source
        Denmark to take 1,000 refugees on voluntary basis: govt
EU refugee commissioner says 'fairly optimistic' on quota deal
        Media watchdog CPJ 'dismayed' at new sanctions by Ukraine
UK MI5 spy chief calls for more powers to counter terror threat
        Japan upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos
Number of refugees entering Germany doubled on Wednesday: police
        More than 2,000 enslaved fishermen rescued in 6 months

Lawmakers slam US strategy in Syria
        Netanyahu vows �war� on stone-throwers
Mitigating Syria�s conflict through education
        European heavyweights rally to help in migrant crisis
East Libya to punish oil firms backing rival government
        Obama won a great victory through the Iran deal
Russian moves in Syria flummox United States
        �Alexis betrayed us�: Young Greeks turn their backs on Syriza
Are militants hiding among refugees? Unlikely
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