Tuesday 8 September 2015



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Harper dodges questions on Senator Irving Gerstein�s role in Mike Duffy senate expense scandal

Stephen Harper says Canada will not airlift refugees without proper security screening
        �Stephen Harper isn�t perfect': New Tory message raises eyebrows online
Conservatives defend Montreal candidate who struggles with French
        Mulcair, Trudeau, Harper remain in close race after campaign�s 1st phase
Conservative riding association fires staffer for social media attacks

Conservatives slip to third as NDP, Liberals enter two-way race: Nanos poll
        Liberal leader Justin Trudeau vows to reverse Harper�s EI changes
Harper takes questions, compliments, criticism in Facebook Q&A
        Dismantling the PMO�s autocracy: A ten-point plan
Prank calls, #peegate � and a party�s weird approach to privacy
        Campaigning in 3D: Six more weeks of the three-way race
Tories can�t be faulted for missing footage of candidates prank-calling and peeing in cups
        Will Canadians vote strategically in this election?
It�s not too late for Harper to play the statesman
        Parties go on the offensive as campaign season heats up

Don�t rule out Harper, Mulcair or Trudeau from winning election
        Tories rack up challenges to logic
Interest rate cuts a two-edged sword for Bank of Canada

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Feist, Torquil Campbell, Dan Mangan to perform at anti-Conservative concerts
        Canada election decision unclear for Halifax woman who rotates lawn signs
Public servants brace for war against Conservatives
        Trudeau rejects talk of �formal coalition� with NDP
Stephen Harper does Facebook Q&A
        Conservatives promise to increase grants for education savings plans
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promises to boost Canada�s aerospace industry
        Justin Trudeau disagrees with dad, agrees with Harper about minority rule
Mohamed Fahmy case: 300 notable Canadians ask Stephen Harper to help get journalist home
        Urine trouble now � for Tories, laughter may prove to be serious business

Harper says only Wright acted unethically, no other staffers
        Stephen Harper would quit as PM even if party loses by a seat
Video: Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge
        Full text of Peter Mansbridge�s interview with Stephen Harper
Chess game at the ballot box � strategic voting
        Gail Shea facing two former MLAs in tight race for one-time Liberal riding
Canada�s Election Shifts Gears After Trying Summer for Harper
        Robert Ghiz quiet on his future
Confident Duceppe tries to reignite Bloc�s fading fire in speech to supporters
        Federal party leaders kick into high gear in Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and B.C.

Support for Conservatives dips on response to migrant crisis, poll shows
        Ontario calls on federal government to speed up process for Syrian refugees
NDP launches social media campaign to win GTA battleground
        Harper mum on allocating additional resources to help Syrian refugees
Syrian refugee crisis: Christy Clark pledges $1M to help refugees
Canadians ready to take in thousands more Syrian refugees: poll
NDP�s front-runner ad shows more relaxed, natural Tom Mulcair
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Secret Status of Women report paints grim picture for Canada - Dean Beeby, CBC News
        Ontario schools get creative to deal with a wave of sex-ed opt-outs - Louise Brown & Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
B.C. Premier aims to reach reconciliation deal with First Nations in Vancouver - Dirk Meissner, Vancouver Sun
        Mulroney, Crosbie pine for the days when campaigns were fun - Janice Dickson, iPolitics
Manitoba deep in the glue - Tom Brodbeck, Winnipeg Sun
        Court hearings to begin this week into Enbridge cross-border pipelines - The Canadian Press, Calgary Herald
Ontario Liberals sitting on TDSB report - Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
        Bombardier family seeks to crack exclusive cement market- Nicholas Van Praet, The Globe & Mail
U.S. citizens living in Canada have a lot of extra tax-filing hoops to jump through- Jamie Golombek, Financial Post

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The refugee story that changed overnight

An island of 350 shipwrecks
A place seen by few and trod upon by even fewer

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A Biden Run Could Divide the Dems - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
        Some Perspective on Trump�s Bumbled Interview - Sean Davis, The Federalist
Trump Is Right on Economics - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        Hillary Clinton continues to lose ground in Democratic race - Geoff Earle, NY Post
Hillary Could Lose Iowa�And New Hampshire - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
        ISIL captures last government oilfield in Syria- Al Jazeera
Habre forced into dock as Senegal war crimes trial resumes- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
        UN security council is failing Syria, Ban Ki-moon admits- Chris McGreal, The Guardian
Migrant crisis: Influx will change Germany, says Merkel- BBC News
        Qatar �sends ground troops to Yemen�- France 24

Why luxury automaker Jaguar is lowering its prices- Toronto Star
        China foreign exchange reserves in record fall as Beijing tries to calm markets- Reuters, CBC News

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Turkish PM calls for calm after attacks on media, opposition
        Kerry reaffirms US commitment to Israel security in call with Netanyahu: State Dept
NATO chief concerned by reported Russian Syria build-up
        Obama's Democrats rally magic number of Iran deal votes
France says taking all refugees would be victory for ISIS
        Ukraine accepts ICC jurisdiction dating back to early 2014
Syria forces retake parts of key oilfield seized by ISIS
        Russia demands answers as Bulgaria, Greece deny Syria flights
Pilots strike forces Lufthansa to cancel 1,000 flights
        Austria says fight against ISIS needs Assad

US embassy in S.Africa issues 'terrorist threat' warning
        Key witness in Pakistani right activist's murder shot dead: police
Damascus denies reports of Russian forces in Syria
        Juncker's plan on EU mandatory migrant quotas only 'a first step': Merkel
French government condemns 'Christian refugees only' mayors
        Burundi's opposition party spokesman killed in capital
Pope speeds up, simplifies process for marriage annulments
        Pakistan hopes upcoming meeting with India will ease tension
Japanese PM re-elected party leader, despite waning popularity
        Venezuelan president closes more of border with Colombia

War refugees distinct from economic migrants: Jolie
        Cameron faces parliamentary revolt over EU referendum
Thousands of Palestinian homes slated for demolition
        Northern Ireland leader suspends Cabinet sessions

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A 2,500-year-old unsolved mystery
No one knows the secret behind these prehistoric stone jars

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Keep your noses out of our election, Foreign Affairs warns diplomats

Don't be like Canada in Ukraine; "Do as we say not as we've done"


Comments anyone on the veracity of the ad?

Subject: Re: Daily Digest, September 7, 2015
From: Larry Kazdan

The major flaw in Harper's economic thinking is the lack of understanding of counter-cyclical fiscal policy. Currently we have a large trade deficit, and private corporations are hoarding money rather than investing in a stagnant economy. Consumers are too heavily indebted. So right now we need government deficit spending to increase aggregate demand and support private business.  The economy is tanking because Harper is doing the opposite - withdrawing money from the economy by trying to balance the budget.

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Is there a perfect person on this planet

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Harper �isn�t perfect� new Conservative ad admits, but he is dependable on the economy  DD

Joe--sorry but I couldn't watch the ad.  We know that no matter what any of them promise we will pay for it.  And we have no way to hold any of our 'leaders' accountable for their 'promises' once they are elected.
Canada is quickly going the way of the US.  Our governments do nothing for the people but are only interested in their position on the world stage.  Not a day goes by that I don't get a phone call or email from some organisation that purports to be aiding ill Canadians.  I thought we were supposed to have a health care system??  People can't afford the treatments they need but our government can send hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, spend millions bombing Libya and Syria and creating hundreds of thousands of refugees.  If they can do that to innocent people around the world what makes us believe they have any concern for Canadians?  Our governments of every stripe are a farce and our job in our democracy is to shut up, obey and pay.



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