Monday 21 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 21, 2015


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Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm�s tax �sham� under CRA probe

Canada could pull out of F-35 deal without financial penalty: procurement expert
        Mulcair pressed on feasibility of child-care plan
Liberals pull ahead of NDP, as support in Ontario grows: Ipsos poll
        Conservatives lead with 33 per cent support following Globe debate on economy: poll

DND to spend up to $500-million upgrading CF-18 fighter fleet to extend life by five years
        Trudeau �living in dream world� over plan to scrap F-35s: Harper
Liberal candidate deemed not credible in home reno dispute, court records show
        The Mulcair coalition: Vocal environmentalists and the moderate middle
Two Minority Scenarios: Another election or an NDP-Liberal Agreement?
        Harper playing to anxiety over the unknown
Eleven weeks of stalemate � and not just on the economy
        Stephen Harper�s different categories of �Canadian-ness�
Harper�s �old-stock� line just another bid to rewrite history
        NDP slide causes Tories concern, too

Stephen Harper�s Gitmo
        Sayonara NAFTA: Canada must compromise to stay in TPP talks
Why the elites hate Harper

The campaign quest for an economic narrative
        What if a single tech giant had the power to control an election with a tweak of its search engine?
Hillier refugee plan workable
        Poll Tracker: Canadians no closer to making up their minds in tight 3-way race
New study raises questions about outcomes in a universal child-care system
        Questions about authenticity of image in support of Harper
Poloz Says Lower Canada Dollar Mitigating Oil Shock Damage
        Green Leader Elizabeth May should be allowed in Munk debate: Trudeau
Canada�s biggest-ever military procurement at �very high risk,� documents suggest
        Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance and the �weaponization of public affairs�

Muslim Conservative �completely� disagrees her party is racist
        Three-way race, potential for minority creates unusual challenges for PCO�s transition planning
Some 33 federal ridings with more than 50 per cent visible minority population up for grabs on Oct. 19
        Justin Trudeau vows to scrap F-35 fighter jet program
Stephen Harper defends refugee response as �generous�
        Liberals would revise $10B deficit figure if economy gets �radically worse�
Christians say Syrian refugee crisis could affect how they vote in federal election
        Stephen Harper �playing a very divisive game� with niqabs, Tom Mulcair says
Conservatives to run reality-TV personality in St. John�s South-Mount Pearl
        Justin Trudeau defends plan to scrap procurement of F-35 fighter jets
Harper, Mulcair blast Trudeau for promising to scrap stealth fighter jet
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Canada�s biggest-ever military procurement at �very high risk,� documents suggest - CTV News
        Resources firms endorse call for aboriginal veto rights to projects - Shawn McCarthy, The Globe & Mail
Brother of Ipperwash protester Dudley George accidentally sets himself ablaze during protest- The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Election forces Ottawa to drop back room bid for French warships - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
�Folks need to settle down�: Alberta Premier Notley - Matt Dykstra, Calgary Sun
        It�s time to stop the huge severance packages for public servants - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
Another climate myth debunked - Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun
        Why the Queen is a safe pitch-woman for advertisers � sort of- Bruce Chambers, CBC News
Home accessibility tax credit worth the wait for qualifying renovations- Jamie Golombek, Financial Post
        Don�t say things on LinkedIn you wouldn�t say in person- Eleni Deacon, Toronto Star

Netflix CEO: All TV will be Internet in 10-20 yrs- Abigail Stevenson, CNBC
        Canadian firms to benefit from U.S.-Cuba thawing diplomatic relations- Richard Blackwell, The Globe & Mail

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Fillette attaqu�e par un pitbull, la famille d�vast�ePlus
        Montr�al s'oppose au port du casque obligatoirePlus
Accus�s pour s'�tre �chang� des photos d'eux-m�mes nusPlus
        Proc�s d'un Danois qui mutilait les organes g�nitaux de femmesPlus
F-35: Trudeau se fait bombarder par ses adversaires Plus
        Square Viger: Coderre ne parle plus de d�molitionPlus
La Russie a d�ploy� 28 avions de combat en SyriePlus
        D�crochage scolaire: le PQ et la CAQ d�noncent les coupesPlus
Un jeune homosexuel tabass� � Saint-TitePlus
        Un candidat du Bloc contraint de se retirer Plus

Mulcair prend des engagements envers les v�t�ransPlus
        Nouveaux moyens de pression des enseignants Plus
Nigeria: au moins 85 morts dans des attentatsPlus
        Gr�ce: la victoire de Syriza permet de croire aux r�formesPlus
Migrants: l'arm�e hongroise autoris�e � tirerPlus
        Burkina: l'arm�e demande aux putschistes de d�poser les armesPlus
Un livre accuse Cameron �d'exc�s de d�bauche�Plus
        P�cheur disparu: reprise des recherches � B�cancourPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Republican Field Due to Winnow - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
        Clinton Tests a More Partisan, Populist Tone in NH Speech - Lindsay Kalter, Boston Herald
GOPers, Take Note of Reagan�s Words - Michael Smerconish, Philly Inquirer
        DNC chair heckled with calls for more debates - Eugene Scott, Dan Merica and Cassie Spodak, CNN
Why the South is a Problem for Sanders - Samantha Lachman, Huffington Post
        Central Europe gives up on holding refugees back from Austria- Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian
Pope Francis meets Fidel Castro on Cuba trip- France 24
        Greece election: Alexis Tsipras hails �victory of the people�- BBC News
13 dead in migrant boat collision with ferry off Turkey- The Times of India
        Nepal passes secular constitution amid protests- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Bickering in the Balkans: Officials clash over migrants
        U.N. chief urges European leaders to treat migrants properly
Greek PM calls for 'shared responsibility' on migrant crisis
        Saudi naming to head UN rights panel 'grotesque': watchdog
Russia has deployed 28 combat aircraft in Syria: US officials
        91-year-old German woman charged on Nazi allegations
VW chief under fire after US emissions test rigging claims
        Most Palestinians no longer support two-state solution
Russia starts drone surveillance missions in Syria: US officials
        France opens Tehran business office in bid to rebuild trade

Northern Ireland parties begin talks to avert government collapse
        Poland can take in more refugees than EU quota: minister
'Significant progress' in Iran nuclear probe: UN watchdog
        China to send senior official as special envoy to Iran
Israel, Russia to coordinate military action on Syria
        Daunting task ahead for Tsipras after storming victory: Greek media
US mulls abstention on Cuba embargo vote at UN
        Gaza rocket targets southern Israel: spokesman
No poverty, hunger in 15 years? UN sets sweeping new goals
        Done deal for Iran nuke pact, but debate still in Congress

Russia a game changer in war on ISIS: Syria
        Three Westerners flown to Oman by Yemen�s Houthis
Israel arrests 39 Palestinians after clashes in East Jerusalem and West Bank
        U.S.-trained rebels enter Syria
Hey Donald Trump, we�re the ones killing them
        The �zero-sum� mentality of the United States damages allies
Refugee crisis to test EU itself at summit of divided leaders
        Tehran desperate for nuclear deal dividend
French companies fear losing Iran trade
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From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Not a Joke � Saudi Arabia Chosen to Head  UN Human Rights Panel

Anger after Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel'


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