Monday 7 September 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST September 7 , 2015


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Conservatives drop candidate who made prank calls, posted videos online

Jerry Bance no longer Conservative Party candidate after urination incident
        �We expect the highest standards': Harper on candidates dropped over controversial videos
Loose pool of potential NDP/Liberal vote-swappers confound election predictions
        Refugee crisis: Stephen Harper rejects proposed meeting with political rivals

Bloc is open to coalition with anyone except Harper, Duceppe says
        Thomas Mulcair makes light of ex-Tory candidate�s pee incident
Trudeau says second half of campaign will help turn union leaders to Liberals
        Beware opponents� attempts to label party leaders
Plenty to take heart from in Campaign 2015
        First rule of Official Underground Ottawa: Don�t write it down
End the dress rehearsal, cue the election lights
        Compassion can�t just be an election slogan

Refugee health-care flyers draw fire to Conservatives
        Fifty-two vulnerable ridings from 2011 starting point for parties to target, say experts
Liberal and Tories snatching votes from each other with dueling ads
        Mulroney, Crosbie pine for the days when campaigns were fun
Behind CBC The National�s interviews with Canada�s federal leaders
        Meet 7 Canadian expats who just lost their right to vote
How the RCMP lured one of Lindhout�s alleged kidnappers to Canada
        Labour unions across Canada preparing to launch major anti-Harper offensive
All-leader meeting needed to reach consensus on migrant crisis: Trudeau
        Conservative candidate Jerry Bance caught in CBC sting urinating in homeowner�s coffee mug

Conservative who reportedly urinated into coffee cup �deeply regrets� actions
        Federal party leaders to spend Labour Day in vote laden Toronto area.
A gun registry? No. Yes. No. Martin Patriquin on the Tom Mulcair�s flip-flops
        Forget the election polls. Who�s winning on social media?
Harper brushes off calls to hold all-leaders meeting on Syrian refugee crisis
        Stephen Harper reached out to Nigel Wright despite anger over Mike Duffy payment
Conservative campaign needs �jolt,� PM urged to take stronger leadership on Syrian humanitarian refugee crisis
        Secret Status of Women report paints grim picture for Canada
Mulcair says power to deal with Syrian crisis is in Harper�s hands
        The 25 Hottest Races to Watch in Election 2015
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stephen Harper reached out to Nigel Wright despite anger over Mike Duffy payment - Peter Mansbridge, CBC News
        Rest easy, Ontario parents: Back-to-school won�t be cancelled by strikes on Tuesday - Ashley Csanady, National Post
Province did not ask police forces for carding data - Wendy Gillis, Toronto Star
        Immigration Minister defends Canada�s response to refugee crisis - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
�Pecked to death by ducks�: Christie Blatchford�s best descriptions of the Mike Duffy trial - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Get ready to fork over $1 billion Canada, school is back and so is tutoring- Garry Marr, Financial Post

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Robots are coming and jobs are going. Can we adapt?

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L'Europe se mobilise face � l'afflux record de migrantsPlus
        Duceppe accuse le NPD de ne pas avoir d�fendu le Qu�becPlus
Cong� de la f�te du Travail: plusieurs accidents de motoPlus
        La France va accueillir 24 000 r�fugi�sPlus
R�fugi�s: les plus vuln�rables et la s�curit�, dit HarperPlus
        Poursuite � Mascouche: Accurso et Marcotte appel�s � t�moignerPlus
Drainville: �Il est normal qu'il y ait des changements�Plus
        Qu�bec veut accueillir davantage de r�fugi�s syriensPlus
Gestes d�plac�s: deux candidats conservateurs largu�sPlus
        Disparition �tr�s �trange� � Sainte-JuliePlus

F�te du Travail: ouvert ou ferm�?Plus
        Guatemala: un humoriste en t�te de l'�lection pr�sidentiellePlus
Un candidat du PCC pris � uriner dans une tassePlus
        Un nombre record de migrants affluent en AllemagnePlus
Naufrage en Colombie-Britannique: trois p�cheurs perdent la viePlus
        Drainville devient leader parlementaire du PQPlus
Un pipeline de TransCanada explose pr�s d'Emerson au ManitobaPlus
        Un Qu�b�cois contre le groupe �tat islamiquePlus
Les conservateurs pr�ts � bonifier le financement priv� des mus�esPlus
        Plusieurs organisations tenteront d'influencer la campagnePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Pope Francis calls on Europe�s Catholics to shelter refugees- France 24
        Kurdish group claims deadly attack on Turkish troops- Al Jazeera
Jean-Marie Le Pen launches new political party in France- Reuters, The Guardian
        Migrant crisis: Austria �to end emergency migrant measures�- BBC News
Pakistan marks 50th anniversary of India war amid tensions- Agence France-Presse, The Times of India
        Hillary Pins Hopes on Southern Primaries - Healy & Chozick, New York Times
Dem insiders predict Biden won�t run - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
        Hillary Sharpens Attacks on GOP - Ben Brody, Bloomberg
Jeb & Hillary�s Struggles Foretold - Dan Balz, Washington Post
        This is How You Beat Donald Trump - Liz Mair, The Daily Beast

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Tear gas, water cannon at mass EU farmer protest in Brussels
        Quebec pledges to take in 3,650 Syrian refugees: minister
Syrian refugees protest because they want to leave Uruguay
        Turkey PM vows to 'wipe out PKK terrorists' after deadly attack
Former Israel spy chief calls for end to Iran deal criticism
        Israel's Arab schools strike in support of Christians
Britain to take in 20,000 Syrian refugees over 5 years, says PM Cameron
        Iran hopes to export gas to EU through Spain
Denmark advert in Lebanon newspapers warns off migrants
        US to overhaul rebel force fighting ISIS in Syria: report

Much work remains on past Iranian work, IAEA says
        Greek former PM Tsipras seeks absolute majority in election
N.Ireland leader suspends cabinet meetings in IRA row
        Syria Kurds using arbitrary detention, unfair trials: Amnesty
Pope to release new annulment procedures Tuesday
        Iran minister criticizes calls for ouster of Syria's Assad
Ukraine says NATO head to make first visit
        France to take 24,000 refugees, Hollande warns of Schengen 'collapse'
France proposes talks with Ukraine, Russia and Germany in September
        Paris climate talks our last chance, say Pacific leaders

1000s of famers protest at EU HQ to protest slumping prices
        Anti-gay marriage US clerk appeals jail ruling
2 Koreas start talks to prepare for family reunions
        Migrants in the Balkans: Everyone wants to be Syrian
�Arab nation� only in name
        Greater government control will not help China�s ailing economy
The Republican candidates are becoming outlandish
        G-20 seals currency peace pact as China sets out bubble cleanup
China gives up ghost of its debt-fueled boom

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Harper �isn�t perfect� new Conservative ad admits, but he is dependable on the economy

Comments anyone on the veracity of the ad?

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